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More than 8 out of 10 U.S. teens own an iPhone


Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac
And even more want to own one!
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More than 8 out of 10 teens have an iPhone, a new piece of research by analysts at Piper Jaffray claims.

The “Taking Stock with Teens” report notes that 83% of teenagers own an Apple handset. That’s the highest rate since Piper Jaffray began tracking this information. Last year, the report claimed that 82% owned an iPhone.

75% of Netflix users have no plans to jump ship to Apple TV+ (right away)


75% of Netflix users have no plans to jump ship to Apple TV+ (right away)
But that's still 37.5 million who could be tempted...
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Apple TV+ and Disney+ may be the two new kids on the streaming services block, but the majority of Netflix subscribers are in no rush to check them out.

According to a survey carried out by Piper Jaffray analysts, around 75% of current Netflix subscribers have no plans to subscribe to either new service. That’s good news for Netflix investors in the short-term. But I’m not convinced that it gives a fair indication of what might eventually happen.

iPhone is the smartphone of choice for most American teens


iPhone survey
The iPhone wins the smartphone popularity contest among teens.
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The iPhone is in the hands and pockets of more than 80 percent of U.S. teens, according to a survey conducted by the investment firm Piper Jaffray.

Apple’s dominance among teens will continue to rise with 86 percent anticipating their next smartphone will be an iPhone, according to the Taking Stock with Teens survey.

Apple 3D sensor supplier will make bank off 2018 iPhones


The laser in the iPhone X's Face ID could one day transform the speed of broadband.
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The 2018 iPhone lineup could have the same 3D technology as the current flagship handset iPhone X, according to an investment bank encouraging clients to buy stock in the components company.

Piper Jaffray says stock in the manufacturer Lumentum is a good buy and predicts strong growth in the second half of 2018 because of the demand for 3D components. Lumentum (listed as LITE) supplied Apple with the parts to power the iPhone X’s Face ID feature.

iPhone still reigns supreme among U.S. teens


iphone x
Teens prefer iPhone over Android four-to-one. And that number is increasing.
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Figuring out teens is a challenge for parents and teachers, but there’s one thing you can count on: teenagers love iPhone. A new study shows that a whopping 82 percent of them own one.

And that number is likely to increase. The survey indicates that 84 percent of teens say their next phone will be from Apple.

Why iPhone X fails to win some Apple loyalists


iphone x
The iPhone X is the new Apple flagship. But some like their old iPhones just fine.
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A Piper Jaffray survey of iPhone users who did not upgrade to the iPhone X came to a predictable conclusion: Most were satisfied with the performance of their current model and many find the X too expensive.

However, the financial services firm predicts Apple will coax some upgrades out of these users with a line of new iPhone models this fall, one of which is expected to be more affordable.

Most Apple fans have no idea what to expect from iPhone 8


iPhone 8 render
iPhone 8 will be a huge upgrade, but most fans aren't prepared.
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If you’ve been keeping up with the iPhone 8 rumors, you’ll know exactly what to expect from Apple’s big refresh this fall. But for the vast majority of fans, the upgrade will come as a huge surprise.

One survey has found that for ordinary iPhone users, the urge to upgrade is no more significant than it has been for previous, more incremental releases.

Teens love their iPhones more than ever


iPhone 7 red
iPhone is king among teens.
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The iPhone has never been more popular with teens, according to a new survey that found 76 percent of U.S. teenagers with a smartphone own an Apple.

Investment firm Piper Jaffray’s semiannual teen survey discovered that iPhone ownership among teenagers rose seven points from spring 2016, when 69 percent of U.S. teens owned an iPhone. The news gets even better for Apple — 81 percent of teens surveyed say they plan to buy an iPhone the next time they upgrade.

iPhone takes top spot on holiday wish lists


These are the gifts you're looking for.
Apple products are set to be the top gifts this year.
Photo: Kristina Alexanderson/Flickr CC

People can talk about declining iPhone demand all the want, but when it comes to which tech products the general public want to see under their Christmas trees this year, there is no doubt about it: no brand can beat Apple.

Speaking with CNBC this Monday, Apple analyst Gene Munster shared his firm Piper Jaffray’s research into desired holiday gifts — and found that the iPhone, closely followed by the MacBook, beat other items including the Xbox, PlayStation, GoPro camera and more to land the top two positions in the list.

75 percent of teens say their next phone will be an iPhone


"Android? Whatever!"
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iPhone sales may be slowing down, but the popularity level of Apple’s handsets among teenage customers is higher than ever — and increasing all the time.

In an extensive new survey carried out by analysts at Piper Jaffray, entitled “Taking Stock with Teens,” a whopping 69 percent claim to be iPhone owners. Better still, 75 percent of teens say they expect their next phone to be an iPhone.

All the big Apple analysts are predicting iPhone sales decline


iPhone 6s
Ain't that just the way that sales go down, down, down, down.
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Apple has never reported a decline in iPhone sales. That may be about to change, however, with seven top Apple analysts all predicting that the company is either experiencing — or on the verge of experiencing — a drop in the number of iPhones being bought.

Apple could sell record-breaking 62 million iPhones this quarter


iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Photo: Jim Merithew

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus may be Apple’s best-selling iPhones in history, racking up a massive 10 million+ sales in their first weekend alone, but how does this massive success translate into numbers going forward?

Ahead of today’s Apple earnings call, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has taken a shot at forecasting how the rest of the year may play out, in a research note to investors. His guess? All in, Apple can expect to sell between 56.7 million and 62.7 million iPhones this quarter.

If Munster’s on the money, that means unit sales of the iPhone could leap between 25 to 45% compared with the previous quarter last year. Not bad, huh?

iPhones More Popular Than Ever Among Teens


(Credit: intomobile)
(Credit: intomobile)

Established tech companies like Facebook may be losing their cool factor for today’s youngsters, but apparently the same isn’t true for Apple.

According to a new Piper Jaffray survey, young people are more loyal to Apple than ever — with the number of American teens using iPhones rising from 48% last year, to 61% in 2014.

These current figures double the percentage from two years back. Furthermore, 61% expect iPhones to be their next smartphones.

iPhone Cases May Be Partly Responsible For Poor 5c Sales [Analyst]


The successor to the iPhone 5c is nearly here.
The successor to the iPhone 5c is nearly here.
Photo: Apple

Are people not buying the iPhone 5c because its colorful exterior selling point is rendered useless by the fact that most people keep their iPhones in cases?

That’s one of two theories put forward by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, who is the latest person to suggest that the iPhone 5c isn’t doing too well in the marketplace.

According to 1,003 consumers polled last week by Munster, just 6% of smartphone buyers plan to pick up an iPhone 5c — down from 9% in December.

iPhone 5s is Easier To Find In The Wild Than The iPhone 5 Was A Year Ago



Most of us still don’t have an iPhone 5s, and that’s quadruply true of the hard-to-get gold model, leading to a perception of extremely limited demand. But how accurate is that perception? Not very, according to new channel supply tracking data from Piper-Jaffray. In fact, the iPhone 5s is easier to find two-and-a-half weeks after release than the iPhone 5 was.

The iPhone 5C Could Launch Without Siri [Analyst]



Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster might be a bit of a laughing stock when it comes to the so-called Apple HDTV, but he’s still one of the go-to soothsayers for investors looking for an early heads-up on what Apple might do next. In a new report, Munster is making a rather strange claim: he says that Apple’s low-budget iPhone 5C will ship without Siri.

iPhone Sales Last Quarter Could Have Exceeded Expectations Thanks To iPhone 5


Guess what? The iPhone's still a big seller.

The iPhone 5 has been a sell-out since it went on sale on September 21, and it’s still incredibly difficult to get hold of in some markets even a month later. With five million units sold, it’s the fastest-selling iPhone to date, so it’s no surprise one analyst is predicting that iPhone sales could be even better than originally expected.

Every Time Apple Sells 5 iPad Minis, It Will Lose A 9.7-Inch iPad Sale [Report]


The iPad mini's little price tag could have an impact on 9.7-inch iPad sales.
The iPad mini's little price tag could have an impact on 9.7-inch iPad sales.

Apple’s upcoming iPad mini is set to shake up the tablet industry for a second time later this month. Its 9.7-inch tablet is the king of premium slates, and the smaller model is expected to dominate the entry-level market. But it won’t just cost rivals like Amazon and Google — it’ll cost Apple, too. You see, for every five iPad minis sold, the Cupertino company is expected to lose one 9.7-inch iPad sale.

Apple Expected To Sell 10 Million iPhones 5s In First Week!


Expect huge queues and a lengthy wait for the iPhone 5.
Expect huge queues and a lengthy wait for the iPhone 5.

We know the iPhone 5 is going to be huge for Apple. With its rumored 4-inch display, a new dock connector, LTE connectivity, and more, it will be the most significant iPhone upgrade since the device made its debut back in 2007. It’s going to be so big that one analyst believes Apple will sell a staggering 10 million new iPhones in the week after its launch.

Apple Could Announce New iPhone, New iPad & New Apple TV At ‘Crowded’ Event This Fall [Report]


The iPad mini is on its way.
One analyst believes the iPad mini will launch for $299 this fall.

Although a new iPhone didn’t show its face during Apple’s WWDC keynote back in June, the Cupertino company did release a number of new products, including refreshed MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, and Mac Pros; a new “next generation” MacBook Pro, and more. But according to one analyst, the Cupertino company’s fall event will be even bigger, with a new iPhone, a new iPad, and a new Apple TV all on their way.

iOS Apps Retain Way More Users Than Android Apps



App analytics firm Localytics reported today that app retention is increasing across the mobile app market, while developers are looking at more than just downloads, like the number of times an app is actually used.

The firm also notes that the iPhone crushes Android in app retention, a measure of just that – how many times an app is used.

Analyst Predicts Apple Will Report Sales Of 33 Million iPhones, 12 Million iPads, 4.3 Million Macs


One analyst believes Apple may not report the same results Wall Street has predicted, but they'll still be pretty great.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will announce the company’s second-quarter earnings on April 24, and according to one analyst, it will report sales of 33 million iPhone, 12 million iPads, and 4.3 million Macs. Sounds like another great quarter, but those predictions are, on the whole, a little less than Wall Street is anticipating.