Toshiba FlashAir. Promising, But Ultimately Flawed [Review]



FlashAir byToshiba
Category: SD Cards
Works With: Cameras
Price: $50

What the hell is wrong with wireless SD card makers? They manage to cram an entire Wi-Fi router into an SD card, along with the memory that’s already in there, and yet the software looks like they got their idiot cousin to write it in a weekend for like $100.

Toshiba’s FlashAir is a great example. The hardware is sound, and has some really great features. But the software is awful. Truly, breathtakingly terrible.

Eye-Fi Mobi Promises Non-Ridiculous Setup For iOS Devices


Eye-Fi’s new Mobi cards are designed to work better with iOS and Android apps, making wireless transfers from your camera to your iDevice much easier. The iOS app has been updated, too, bringing support for the iPhone 5’s larger screen, just 8 months after it was launched. This, combined with the crappy non-native OS X app shows that Eye-Fi is getting really serious about Apple gear.

All-In-One Camera Connection Kit Takes Pretty Much Any Memory Card

The All-In-One camera connection kit will take anything you throw at it
The All-In-One camera connection kit will take anything you throw at it

If you have a DSLR, I hope you opted for the 64GB model when you bought your new iPad – MIC Gadget has just announced a new camera connection kit which will let you slurp in your huge RAW (and not-so-huge JPEG) files from your Compact Flash cards, SD cards, microSD cards and even via USB direct from the camera.

ThinkTank’s Widget Wallets Will Help You Organize Almost Everything


I’m a complete neat freak. Add to this my weakness for bags of all kinds and you’ll see immediately why I love these new organizing wallets from ThinkTank. These four wallets are designed for tidying and storing SD cards, flash gels and cameras batteries.

If you hear the phrase “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” and nod in solemn agreement, then read on.