Sandisk 128GB MicroSD Card, Because Why Not, Right? [MWC 2014]


Yes, this is a picture of a microSD card.
Yes, this is a picture of a microSD card.

You can now double the storage space of your MacBook Air by jamming Sandisk’s new 128GB microSD card into an adapter in the SD card slot. Or you can slide it into any number of devices that use the pink-nail-sized storage standard. And if you are using it in a phone or a camera, it’s fast enough to capture HD video recorded straight to the card.

The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC, to give it its full name, is a class 10 card that’ll set you back a crazy $200. I’m kind of a dummy when it comes to storage – I never have enough on my desktop machines, and too much on my iDevices – my iPad Air and the Retina mini I sold to pay for it are both 128GB machines, even as I store all my photos on Flickr and stream movies and TV shows instead of carrying them around.

This is mostly down to Apple’s pricing. After all, if you’re already in for like $700 for a 64GB model, why not drop just $100 more to double the storage. It seems silly not to. And in the light of this $200 monster, my strategy doesn’t seem to bad.

Available soon.

Source: Sandisk

  • bbb

    can you expand on the “double the storage of your ipad air” comment? As far as i know, it is somewhat tedious file naming and import to photos process currently, which have to be deleted afterward. Is there a process that i don’t know about?

    • He said double the storage of his “Macbook” Air. And you’d use a Nifty Drive to make the card a permanent storage addition.

  • As exciting as 128GB on a tiny SDXC card is, I was more excited about the release of the Extreme Pro Plus line. A 64GB card with read/write speeds of 80/50 MB/s at $80 instead of $200: now thats damn useful in a Macbook as an additional SSD with speed enough to never slow you down.

    The 128GB is unfortunately still at ultra speeds of only 30MB/s read.

  • Barrett Jasper

    How practical (if at all) would this be to install an Os and boot from it? I know they’re fast but how would they compare to an internal SSD?

  • on amazon. it’s for $120, but not in stock.