Declutter Your Camera Bag With These Battery And SD Card Wallets From ThinkTank [Review]



Most camera bags today offer a big pocket or pouch you can use to keep safe your motley crew of memory cards and batteries, but I really hate digging through a man-purse full of photo nicknacks just to find the SD card I need. Worse, in my years as a photographer, I can’t count how many times I’ve misplaced or lost entirely items from my conglomerate of memory cards because I end up just throwing them somewhere in my bag.

The SD Pixel Pocket Rocket (PPR for short, $15.75) and DSLR Battery Holder 4 (DBH 4, $16.50) from ThinkThank Photo aim to fix those storage woes by keeping your ample nacelles and secure disks stored and stashed in their own teensy little wallets.

Hmmpph! Their own wallets? It’s a wacky notion, to be sure — but I think it’s working!

The Good:

Built to last and lookin’ good, the SD Pixel Pocket Rocket comfortably keeps nine SD cards safe and secure. But, unofficially, you could probably fit in 18 if you doubled up the card pockets. Either way, all those little slots will keep your SD cards from doing what they normally do: rattling around your camera bag and eventually getting lost.

Now, sure, batteries are harder to lose, but the DSLR Battery Holder 4 will keep your cells together in one place so you’ll never need to hunt for them. The DBH 4 will also keep them from getting damaged when they try to jump out of your cold, clammy hand.

Both the DBH 4 and PPR come standard with strong velcro strips to keep everything in its proper place, and the Pixel Pocket comes with an attached lanyard so you can keep it hanging in your bag for quick access.

The Bad:

Though not necessarily a bad thing, it’s worth noting that the DBH 4’s pockets aren’t going to be compatible with some pro DSLR batteries, like ones used in the Nikon D3s or D4. The DBH 4 really only works with standard-sized DSLR batteries.

And here’s a caution for those with bigger hands: when pulling SD cards from their pockets in the Pixel Pocket Rocket, some would get stuck and took a bit of fingertip finessing to retrieve. And I don’t even have big sausage-fingers, so if you do, the PPR might not be for you.


If you’re dealing with multiple batteries and an assortment of SD cards from different cameras, the DSLR Battery Holder 4 and Pixel Pocket Rocket will work great at keeping your random bits neatly organized and stowed so you can finally stop losing them.

Me likey.

[xrr rating=80%]

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