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T-Mobile Helps The iPhone Catch Up To Android In The U.S.


Android has held a pretty sizable lead over the iPhone for a long time now, and in the United States, it would appear there’s little chance of that changing any time soon. But Apple’s smartphone is gaining ground on its rival, and it’s all thanks to T-Mobile.

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Apps Help Google Triple YouTube Ad Sales On Mobile


Google’s YouTube apps for Android and iOS have helped the company triple advertising sales on mobile in the past six months, the company has said. Mobile ads now contribute an estimated $350 million to YouTube’s revenue, with around a quarter of the site’s 1 billion users accessing videos on smartphones and tablets.

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Android & iOS Grab 92.3% Of All Smartphone Shipments In Q1 2013 [Report]


Android and iOS managed to grab a whopping 92.3% of all smartphone shipments during the first quarter of 2013, with a total of 199.5 million units sold worldwide. There are no prizes for guessing which of the two platforms grabbed the most market share.

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How Shinjuku Girls Helped Save The iPhone In Japan


Steve Jobs spotted at the iPhone 4S launch in Japan. Photo by Damon Coulter –

Remember when people were wandering around idiotically saying the iPhone was a total failure in Japan?

Yup, pretty stupid, but it’s true that, at first, the iPhone didn’t catch on in Japan, and that was a problem for Apple, because Japan is the country where gadgets rule.

So what changed Apple’s fortunes in Japan? Women!

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This Chart Proves Microsoft’s Worst Nightmare Has Come True

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 12.25.15 PM

Want to know why Steve Ballmer wakes up in a sweat at night, screaming at the shadows and clutching his hogshead-sized heart? Look at this chart of year-over-year growth rates of Windows PCs since the iPad came out, put together by the ever nuanced Horace Dediu at Asymco. When the iPad debuted, it immediately killed the PC industry as we know it.

In fact, as Dediu makes clear later in his analysis, Microsoft’s doing so poorly in the PC market right now that even though the Surface was a flop, it’s still accounting for a third of all Windows revenues. Absolutely mind boggling.

Apple Stops Placing Mac Component Orders After Overestimating Demand [Rumor]


Apple has reportedly stopped placing Mac component orders after overestimating demand and placing “aggressive” orders at the end of 2012. DigiTimes reports that suppliers haven’t received any information from the Cupertino company to indicate when orders may resume.

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iPhone Sales In India Could Bolster Apple’s Profit There To Over $1 Billion [Report]


Apple’s making a big push in India, and it appears to be paying off. According to an article in The Times of India, Apple India’s revenue already rose by a factor of three last year, and analysts there expect the current brisk sales of iPhones to boost the company’s bottom line to over $1 billion in the current year.

While Apple does not disclose financials for the Indian sales unit, it does file with the Indian Registrar of Companies. In that filing, Apple reported a 431 percent rise in net profit this year, which the Times attributes to iPhone sales.

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U.S. Mac Sales Were Down 7.5% In Q1 2013. Or Were They Up?


Apple’s U.S. Mac sales changed around 7.5% during the first quarter of 2013, according to research firms IDC and Gartner, but neither agree on whether they were up or down. While IDC reports that shipments were down 7.5% during January to April, Gartner sales that sales were up 7.4%. So who’s right?

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Foxconn Sales Down In Q1 2013 Following ‘Disappointing’ iPhone Demand


Foxconn sales declined 19% during the first quarter of 2013, and “disappointing” demand for Apple’s iPhone is getting the blame, Reuters reports. Between January and March, the company’s sales totaled NT$808.97 billion ($26.96 billion), down from NT$988.24 billion ($32.99 billion) in the fourth quarter of 2012, and NT$1 trillion ($33.38 billion) a year ago.

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Best Buy Is Having A Killer Clearance Sale On Retina iPads, 30% Off! [Deals]

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 11.25.25 AM

Looking for a Retina iPad? Here’s a killer deal: Best Buy is having a clearance of up to 30% off third-gen iPads, meaning you can now buy a 16GB Retina iPad for less money than it costs to buy the entry-level iPad mini.

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