Apple engineer says Safari Twitter fix on the way

By links work in every browser. except Safari. links work in every browser. except Safari.

If you browse Twitter on Safari, there’s a longstanding obnoxious bug where Safari won’t full resolve shortened links. That results in an error message: “Safari can’t open the page because the server where this page is located is not responding.”

Good news, though. Apple’s finally going to fix it.

iOS tip: The weird way to find keywords in a webpage


Find what you want in mobile Safari.
Find what you want in mobile Safari.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Sometimes I’m browsing a site like Cult of Mac on my iPhone and I’m looking for something specific, like a story about encryption, for example. Instead of swiping down the page and hoping I see the story I’m looking for, I want to just search for it.

When you’re on your Mac, it’s super easy to find something like this: simply hit Command-F, type in the text string you’re looking for, and Safari (or any other web browser on the Mac, really) will find them all in the web page you’re on, highlighting them for you.

But what about finding stuff when browsing the web on your iPhone? There’s no Command-key on the built-in keyboard, so how do you search your favorite web page to find keywords?

Turns out, there are two ways to do it, which is kind of odd.