Clues in macOS Sierra point to OLED touch bar for MacBook Pro


Adding an OLED touchpad could make the MacBook Pro even more magical.
Adding an OLED touchpad could make the MacBook Pro even more magical.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote came and went without any new hardware announcements, but you might not have to wait much longer for the unveiling of the new MacBook Pro.

Source code in the first beta build of macOS Sierra hints that Apple plans to add support for an OLED touchpad, seemingly confirming the accuracy of the leaked MacBook Pro photos Cult of Mac published last month.

Everything to expect from Apple’s jam-packed WWDC 2016 keynote


WWDC's opening keynote will be at San Francisco's cavernous Bill Graham Auditorium.
WWDC's opening keynote will be at San Francisco's cavernous Bill Graham Auditorium.
Photo: Milo Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple’s keynote to kick off this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference is going to be huge. So huge, in fact, that Apple already revealed some stuff early because Tim Cook and his Cupertino cronies won’t have time to cover everything during the jam-packed, two-hour event.

While WWDC might seem like a bit of a snoozefest for Apple fans who don’t know anything about Xcode and Swift, the 2016 edition of the annual developer conference should bring lots of new stuff even normals can get hyped about. The WWDC keynote will give us a peek inside the ever-evolving Apple ecosystem — and thus our clearest picture of the future of all Apple products.

This year, all of Apple’s platforms are set to get major updates, as are some of the company’s most popular services, like Siri and Apple Music. Here’s what to watch for during Apple’s keynote, which will kick off WWDC 2016 next Monday morning in San Francisco.

Will major changes kill the MacBook Pro? [Friday Night Fights]


Don't you want an OLED touchpad on your MacBook Pro?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s MacBook Pro redesign this fall will bring big changes to one of its most beloved notebooks. According to recent leaks, the machine will pack an OLED touchpad above its keyboard, and only USB-C connectivity.

FNF-bugSome fans aren’t happy about that. Many love the physical function keys already found on the MacBook Pro, while others don’t believe it will be a suitable “pro” machine without standard USB ports. But isn’t it time they moved on?

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight as we battle it out over the rumored changes to the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro concept shows how useful an OLED touchpad will be

Siri might even find a new home on the OLED touchpad.
This is what the new MacBook Pro may look like.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple might not unveil a radically redesigned MacBook Pro at WWDC next week, but thanks to artist Martin Hajek we’ve got the next best thing: concept images.

Cult of Mac’s favorite concept artist has created a series of mockups that show just how awesome it will be when Apple adds an OLED touchpad to the MacBook Pro. While last week’s spy photos gave us an early look at the new MacBook Pro’s frame, Hajek’s images show how the OLED touchpad could automatically change based on the apps you’re using.

Take a closer look at the rumored MacBook Pro OLED touchpad: