Can removing a 4K external display count as an upgrade? [Setups]


MacBook Pro setup with LG UltraFine monitor on stand
Once again, a monitor riser (and other updates) elevates a computer setup.

Multiple-display computer setups are all the rage, but can a workstation benefit from losing one of its external monitors, even one with 4K resolution?

If today’s featured MacBook Pro rig is any indication, yes, it can — especially if the outfit sees a bunch of other cool upgrades at the same time, like a cool new monitor riser, an open stand for the MacBook Pro and a great new office chair.

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MacBook Pro setup, down a display, gets new monitor riser, laptop stand and office chair

Salesforce consultant, musician and Redditor jonyoungmusic showcased the upgraded setup in a post entitled, “Finally got a monitor stand for my 14” M1 Pro setup!” And the new monitor stand/riser isn’t the only change since the previous times we’ve seen Young’s evolving setup, back in June 2023 and January 2022.

He has kept the same 14-inch M1 MacBook Pro all along. But the previous iteration added a solid standing desk and a second LG 4K display in portrait (vertical) mode. And this time, the second monitor is gone, so just one in landscape mode sits on a new dual-monitor desk shelf (aka stand or riser), leaving plenty of room for other gear, getting it up off the desk and creating useable space. For example, those lovely white Yamaha HS5 powered speakers used to just sit on the desktop, but now they’re loud and proud on the riser.

And in response to a compliment about those audio monitors, Young said, “I love the Yamahas. I had HS8’s before and got these back in 2014 to save space. Still going strong!”

M1 MacBook Pro now open on stand

In past versions of the setup, Young kept his MacBook out of site or on a vertical stand in clamshell mode. Now it’s open on a stand, serving as a second screen for certain tasks.

“I’m currently rocking my 16-inch MBP in clamshell but thinking of using a monitor stand,” a commenter said. “Do you find the extra real estate useful?”

“Definitely,” Young replied. “It’s mainly used for YouTube or some video app open while I work. Or for taking notes during work meetings.”

Be more careful with that Xbox

Another person offered a tip regarding Young’s Xbox gaming system.

“I’d move the Xbox from under the shelve, there’s not much space in there and the fan is pointing upwards, it can heat like crazy while playing more demanding games,” they said.

“Yeah I was concerned about that as well,” Young replied. “I may look into once of those under desk mounts or something. Otherwise it can maybe go on the side of the desk upright.”

Somewhat unusual Herman Miller chair

We see plenty of solid and fairly expensive Herman Miller office chairs in setups, but this may be our first sighting of Young’s. It’s called the Mirra 2.

“Nice seeing another Herman Miller Mirra 2 user,” a commenter said. “Such a comfy chair and the aesthetic is personally my favorite of the HM ergo chairs.”

“Yeah I’ve been enjoying it,” Young replied. “It’s my first HM chair so I’m definitely hooked now. I was torn between this and the Aeron but I just liked the look of this one and that it’s not quite as common so it just stood out to me. I heard the Aerons feel a bit more narrow.”

In response to another commenter looking to upgrade their chair but a little intimidated by Herman Miller pricing, Young added this:

I would say it’s worth it. I’ve used nothing but cheap office chairs from Staples and Office Depot prior to getting the Mirra 2 and it’s like night and day in terms of the build quality, adjustability, etc. I got this one for $400 used on Facebook so it wasn’t too bad and only a few hundred more than what I’d paid in the past for low quality chairs. I will say it took a little getting used to since these chairs are designed more for long term sitting so they are very supportive and force you to sit correctly versus a typical leather manager chair or something that you can slouch in or sit however you want.

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Herman Miller Mirra 2 office chair adds to MacBook Pro setup
The Herman Miller Mirra 2 office chair is another addition to the setup.

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