You won’t be Russian to buy this $3,000+ Putin edition iPhone 6s


Imagine Putin this in your pocket.
Photo: Caviar

Apple sold 13 million iPhone 6s handsets in its opening weekend, but you probably won’t be Russian rushing to buy this “anniversary” iPhone 6s featuring the gold visage of Russia’s glorious leader, Vladimir Putin.

Created by Russian jewelry company Caviar, the limited edition custom iPhone will help you show those decadent capitalist pig-dogs in the West who’s boss thanks to a titanium finish, gold recreation of Putin’s chiselled face, velvet wooden collector’s box, and “free” car charger.

And all for the low, low price of $3,193.

iPhone 6s sales may be up to 15% weaker in Japan


So pretty and such a beast, yeah!
Are iPhone sales finally starting to slow down?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple has praised the iPhone 6s for selling a record-shattering 13 million units in its first three days. However, a new report suggests that in Japan the 6s and 6s Plus actually sold 10-15 percent fewer units than last year’s iPhone 6.

How can both of these reported facts (record-breaking sales figures and lower demand) be true at the same time? There is an answer — and, no, it’s not Schrödinger’s iPhone.

Last chance to save big on a tiny, tough lightning cable that goes anywhere [Deals]

Titan's MFi-certified Loop is a superb way to keep a charging cable on hand when and wherever you need it.
Titan's MFi-certified Loop is a superb way to keep a charging cable on hand when and wherever you need it.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

These days, the charging cable for our mobile devices is almost as important to keep on our person as the house keys. Titan Loop is a great way to keep both on hand, a lightweight, steel-sheathed lightning cable that can also fold into a loop that attaches to anything else you regularly carry around with you. For a very short time, Titan Loops are still available for $19.95 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Our fave El Capitan tricks plus seven days with the 6s on The CultCast


Your Mac—it just learned some new tricks.
Your Mac—it just learned some new tricks.
Photo: Library of Congress

This week: we’ve spent seven full days with iPhone 6s and we’re ready to report what we love and what we don’t. Plus: El Capitan just made your Mac a lot better! We’ll cover the cool tricks your Mac just learned. And then, how does $9 for an Apple Watch Sport band sound? How about $28 for a Leather Loop? Sure, the fake Apple Watch bands are 1/5 the price of genuine bands, but are they any good? We’ve been testing two fakes to find out, and the results might surprise you.

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