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Hulu Plus For Android & iOS Now Streams To Google Chromecast


The Hulu Plus apps for Android and iOS have today been updated with support for Google Chromecast. You’ll find a new ‘Cast’ button within the app that will stream your favorite shows to your television with the help of the $35 dongle.

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Sony Announces PS Vita TV, A $95 Apple TV Competitor That Plays Games


At an event in Japan today, Sony unveiled the new PS Vita TV, a tiny set-top box that will sell for around $95 and look to compete with devices like the Apple TV. Not only will it let you stream content from services like Hulu and Sony’s own Video Unlimited service, but if you connect a DualShock 3 controller, it will also allow you to play PSP and PS Vita games on your TV.

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Apple Acquires Closed Video Search Startup Matcha


Apple has acquired Matcha, a second-screen video search and recommendation service that was recently closed, for a fee believed to be between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Matcha was previously available as an iOS app, and it allowed users to get an overview of everything they could watch on a variety of cable TV networks and video-streaming services. But the service was closed back in May as it focused on a new direction — one which will now be controlled by Apple.

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iTunes Blows Other Streaming Video Services Out Of The Water In Consumer Satisfaction


What’s everyone’s favorite U.S. streaming service? Netflix? Hulu? Amazon? Angry buzzer sound! You’re wrong! It’s iTunes, natch, at least according to a recent consumer satisfaction survey by ForeSee.

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The Difference Between Content On Apple TV, Chromecast, And Roku [Chart]


Buying a $35 dongle to magically stream all the video of the internet to your TV sounds pretty awesome, and based on early impressions Chromecast does a decent job, but how does its content stack up against the Apple TV and Roku?

Danny Sullivan created the chart above to break down the content you’ll find on Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku. If you only care about streaming video off Netflix and YouTube, then Chromecast is the best bang for your buck. But if you want to watch HBO Go, Hulu, or pull content from iTunes or Amazon, Apple TV or Roku have more content options.

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Hulu Unveils Brand New iPad App Focused On Discoverability


Hulu has unveiled a brand new Hulu Plus app for that’s been completely redesigned to focus on “discoverability, efficiency, and our overall user experience.” The company hopes that the change will make it easier for users to find their favorite shows and discover new ones.

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Last Chance To Watch TV And Movies Anywhere With One FREE Month Of Hulu Plus

CoM - HuluPlus has long enabled us to watch our favourite content when we want on our computers. But what if you could add a whole other layer to your Hulu experience – one that gives you unlimited streaming on a myriad of devices, with access to entire seasons of your favorite series – and all in high-definition?

Well, that’s what Hulu Plus delivers.

Hulu Plus gives even more control over your entertainment options – and Cult of Mac has a deal that will help you take control of your entertainment: one month of Hulu Plus for absolutely free!

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Wirelessly Stream Your Media To Your Android & iOS Devices With The HP Pocket Playlist [CES 2013]


You wouldn’t normally associate HP devices with the Android or iOS platforms, but the company’s latest gadget plays nicely with them both. It’s called the Pocket Playlist, and it allows you to stream all of your media wirelessly to all your smartphones and tablets. It boasts 32GB of internal storage, and it can stream to up to five devices simultaneously.

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Hulu Plus Channel Quietly Added To Apple TV

Hulu Plus Channel Quietly Added To Apple TV

Hulu Plus has long been a curious omission on the Apple TV’s list of channels, but it now appears that Apple has quietly added it this morning to its supported steaming services. If you don’t see it, try rebooting your Apple TV. About time!

FCC Change Means Apple Might Not Have To Deal With Cable Companies At All To Release The iTV

FCC Change Means Apple Might Not Have To Deal With Cable Companies At All To Release The iTV

The FCC could make Apple's TV dreams more of a reality.

It could soon be a whole lot easier for Apple to compete with pay TV providers as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) considers a change to the definition of “multichannel video programming distributor.” To date, the term has been applied only to cable companies like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, or DirecTV. But as similar services continue to grow online, the FCC is questioning whether it should also apply to the likes of Hulu, Netflix, and in the future, Apple.

A change would mean that Apple would be free to offer up a number of TV channels just like any cable provider, without having to negotiate with those cable providers over expensive programming deals.

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