11 juicy quotes from Tim Cook’s interview on encryption


Tim Cook has repeatedly spoken out in favor of privacy.
Tim Cook is pushing for end to end encryption.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook has vowed to continue fighting ‘the good fight’ for the American people in its war against the federal government over encryption.

Cook sat down for a lengthy interview with Time as part of the magazine’s March 28 cover story on Apple, saying that he’s a “big optimist that we ultimately arrive at the right thing” in the battle between privacy and national security, however the company is prepared for a long and important battle.

The long ranging interview touches on everything from Apple’s case with the FBI, cybersecurity, civil liberties, and even Donald Trump. We read the entire transcript so you don’t have to and pulled out the 11 most revealing bits below:

iPhone 6 orders are dominating shipping capacity out of China


Apple's shipping so many iPhone 6 devices that it's having an impact on rival manufacturers.
Apple's shipping so many iPhone 6 devices that it's having an impact on rival manufacturers. (Picture: Wikipedia)

The iPhone 6 may be currently filling your newsfeed, but there’s somewhere else it’s filling too: the skies.

According to several sources, Apple is currently shipping so many new devices from its factories to sales outlets that it’s causing big delays for even “top tier” rival manufacturers.

Apple shipments via FedEx and UPS are said to be “incredibly high” for the holiday season, largely based on the new iPhone 6 and iPad refresh. It was previously reported that Apple had ordered an “unprecedented” number of iPhone 6 devices — more than twice that of the initial iPhone 5 order.

Apple cuts online refund times in half

Apple's shelling out billions to go green.
Apple's shelling out billions to go green.
Photo: Apple

Apple is making it quicker than ever to return unwanted iPhones and other gadgets purchased online with a new policy that gives customers refunds twice as fast.

In an effort to boost direct sales from its website, Apple has decided to take a big upfront cost on returns, according to Reuters, but the small move could give it the boost it needs to compete with Amazon and Best Buy online.

You Can Now Sign For FedEx Packages And Schedule Them For Redelivery Using Your iPad



If you’ve ever impotently raged against the FedEx man for ignoring the note you left on the door and not leaving a package for you behind the toolshed like you asked, great news: FedEx has just updated its Mobile app, allowing for you to sign for packages, reroute a package to another address or provide delivery instructions, all from your iPhone or iPad.

Good-Samaritan FinderCodes System Now Powered by Fedex, Keeps Sender, Sendee Anonymous




I did something really dumb in Vegas last month — I forgot my sunglasses in a Starbucks. A couple of hours after trapsing through a mall, I realized what I’d done, and panicked; they weren’t cheap. I anxiously retraced my steps, ending up back at the cafe. Some fabulous Samaritan had turned them in.

If I’d left my phone behind instead — or something else large enough for a FinderCodes tag (sunglasses aren’t) — the good guy (or girl) could have easily FedExed it to me anonymously.