Why Your New iPad Won’t Be Delivered Early


Don't expect your new iPad to be delivered early. Apple's got them under lock and key.

If you’re one of many lucky pre-orderers, your new Retina display iPad may already have been shipped off from Apple’s factories in China and may, in fact, be sitting in your own state, waiting for delivery. We know ours is.

If so, you might think that there’s a strong possibility your new iPad will come sooner than Friday, March 16th. Fat chance.

We’ve heard a few reports from readers who have contacted their local shipping agent, asking when they can expect their new iPads to be delivered. These readers all have new iPads that are already sitting, waiting for delivery, in their home states.

Unfortunately, even though the iPads may be located just a few miles away, shipping carriers like FedEx are powerless to deliver them. Why?

Because Apple has the new iPads locked up in their own private 18-wheeler trucks. These trucks are on FedEx property, and entered into FedEx’s system, but FedEx has been told that Apple will not unlock these trucks until Thursday evening.

In other words, if you’re counting on having your new iPad slip through the cracks, there’s little chance of that. With the new iPad, Apple is taking a tighter rein on the delivery process than ever before. I wonder if by the fourth-gen iPad, Apple employees will be delivering it to you themselves.

[Thanks to those who wrote in!]

  • JoshObra

    So it’s either Apple is mailing the key or they have a lock with a count down timer on it.

    Wheres that locksmith when you need one?

    And man, saddest news all week right there.

  • ilvetazz

    wow Apple owns several hundreds if not thousands of 18 wheelers interesting……….. and then they have hundred if not thousands of employees at all the Fedex centers ready to open lock thursday evening………

    Sorry but to me this all seems a little far fetched………

  • jayjaytee

     If getting the device into your hot little hands is that important to you, that’s a pretty sad commentary on your life.

  • mrfishman

    How come android tablets don’t have their very own 18 wheelers to store them in? Oh yeah… Cuz they suck! xD

  • Jordan Clay

     Apple can rent out FedEx trucks and have them loaded with their product.  FedEx can be under contract to not open the trucks until a specified time.   When you are the largest company in the world, you can get other companies to do just about anything.

  • Dude011

    Do not whine about not getting earlier, someone cannot even buy an iPad.
    You (people who whining) should be happy that you can buy it.

  • prof_peabody

    This is just another un-sourced rumour.  

    John Brownlee says, that he heard, that Fedex has orders not to unpack the trucks.  He doesn’t tell us how he knows this or who told him.  This is no different than DigiTimes saying the next iPad will come with a stylus or me saying I heard aliens like strawberry ice-cream.  

    I’ve gotten Apple products before the release date before.  Usually just a day or so, but it does happen.

  • 5aga

    u mad?

  • TheMacAdvocate

    Guess that would explain the email my co-worked got from Apple confirming his delivery for Thursday.

    Oh wait, I guess it wouldn’t.

  • JayeDee369

    If Apple employees start delivering the iPad 4, I want Tim Cook to deliver me mine personally LOL!!!

  • Steven Lawrence Sr

    they don’t like strawberry ice cream ….. they don’t even like ice cream they like Chocolate Cake….

  • Garry Denny

    Interestingly enough, I ordered on March 9 with a Ships by March 19 and Delivers March 21. However, just this morning I got an email from Apple saying it would be delivered tomorrow, March 13. So, I’m not sure if I’ll get it on Friday, March 16 or if my delivery will still happen on March 21.

  • criticmac

     John needs to go out in the field and take some photos. Surely COM can afford a Ninja suit for him to be disguised in.

  • Rob Bowers

    Really John? Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? Articles like these make Apple Fan(boys and girls) look awfully petty!

    Why would anyone expect delivery any sooner than March 16?

    Apple owns the distribution system by way of their incredible sway. At this time of year (or perhaps at any time of the year), who is more important to FedEx than Apple? They will do anything Apple asks.

    This is a Christmas in March event for FedEx.

  • mploetner

    “I wonder if by the fourth-gen iPad, Apple employees will be delivering it to you themselves.”

    Why not? Ever thought of Apple buying a big logistics company like FedEx?

  • William Leeper

    It is not all that far fetched.    When I worked for a medical device company, the warehouse would pack up the items, send them down the belt where a FedEx employee would scan them into the FedEx system.   They would then go into air cargo containers and onto a FedEx truck.  The truck left every day at 7:00 p.m. sharp to go to the sorting facility.  So it is quite possible that apple has the products already scanned but are sitting on trucks set to roll out to the sorting facilities on Thursday night for overnight processing and delivery on Friday.  It is just the kind of detail to everything you expect from Apple.

  • Alex

    “Sorry but to me this all seems a little far fetched………”
    Just look who wrote this story…

  • Alex

    John needs to get another job …. But I realize with his limited skill set that might be really hard to do. 

  • glrichard

    This all does seem a bit far fetched. Mine is sitting in a FedEx warehouse in Nashville, TN. The reason it won’t get here till Friday (according to the package tracking page) is that it is set for “future delivery on March 16.” So I’m sure Apple shipped it to arrive at a future ship date. Which you can in fact do quite easily if you send something with enough time. So, that seems a bit more plausible than some locked up Apple trucks at every major FedEx warehouse across the country. But, I guess this is Apple we’re talking about. I’m sure this amount of trucks wouldn’t put much of a dent in 500 billion dollars. 

  • wookiepasta

    Umm No. My iPad is sitting with FedEx but not even in my state. If they open it Thursday night, I will not have mine Friday. This is the case with many other buyers on MacRumors

  • Gray

    u gay?
    Nice hat  Jamie Kennedy

  • Matthew Wheeler


  • hausoftrinity

    This would make sense… except that MY iPad is being shipped via UPS. 

  • hausoftrinity

    This would make sense… except that MY iPad is being shipped via UPS. 

  • Bob Forsberg

    Several reports of large cabs capable of connecting to semi trailers have been reported stolen not far from the FEDEX and UPS locations in my area.

  • Atienne

    You would be surprised at what a company will do to get your business…

    When dell got started, they had the parts suppliers load up SEMIs full of parts and leave them parked at the Dell docks. When dell got an order, they walked out there and got exactly what they needed and no more.  This was one of the first instances of “JIT”, just in time delivery. They never had to pay for a part until they actually
    needed it and had already been paid for it by the customer.  If FEDEX is delivering millions of ipads,  I am quite sure FEDEX bent over to get the business and will do whatever apple wants them to do including making sure you don’t get it before apple wants you to get it,

  • MrEnglish

    Amen brother. I’m happy that I’m in a position to buy a new device whenever I want it and will gladly wait the proper amount of time for delivery. I don’t take my blessings for granted. 

  • SteveLV702

    Interesting my iPad was shipped but was shipped UPS not FedEx

  • Robb Spencer

    want your ipad early?
    there’s an app for that :)

  • topherlim

    I checked my shipment and it says its with UPS. Does that mean UPS is going to deliver to FedEx?