iPhone 5 To Launch Later This Month As FedEx Prepares For ‘Surge Volume’ Event From Sep. 21


Looks like FedEx is expecting to be pretty busy around this time.
Looks like FedEx is expecting to be pretty busy around this time.

FedEx has issued a memo to employees noting that all training classes will be canceled between September 21 and September 24 due to a “surge volume” event. Although the company does not specify a reason for this, it falls just 9 days after the iPhone 5 unveiling, and suggests this is when Apple’s sixth-generation device will launch in the United States — and possibly around the world.

As explained in the notice, which was obtained by MacRumors, employee classes during this time are being shifted to the week of November 5 to November 9 instead. By which time, demand for the iPhone 5 will should have died down somewhat.

As Apple’s carrier partner in several countries, FedEx will want as many employees as possible available for the iPhone 5 launch. There’s also a good chance that Apple will have notified FedEx of its plans regarding an upcoming launch to ensure it has all hands on deck for what will undoubtedly be its most popular product yet.

Have you ever heard of a carrier preparing for a smartphone launch like this?

Source: MacRumors

  • easydone101

    Are they hinting a release from the 21st to the 24th?

  • Sikandar Hayat

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