Flood Of Pre-Ordered iPads Causing Shipping Delays



For the last two years, pre-ordering an iPad has been the surest bet to get an iPad in your hands on launch day. You don’t have to worry about the crazy long lines at the Apple store, or the possibility of Apple running out of stock by the time your number is called. This year things have been completely backwards. Everyone rushed to pre-order their iPad thinking they’ll get it without the hassle of waiting in line. But the lines at stores have been short all day, and the flood of pre-orders have caused delivery delays as some customers are reporting delivery exceptions that have pushed their estimated delivery time from 3p.m. back to 8p.m. and in some cases the next day.

When our iPad was delivered this afternoon, UPS told us they’ve had to split delivery dates into two — half will be delivered today and the other half tomorrow. The colossal amount of pre-ordered iPads is more than FedEx and UPS can keep up with today and it looks like some Apple customers aren’t going to be happy when they’re informed their device is delayed.

Ironically, the lines at Apple stores have continued to remain short or nonexistent all day with plenty of iPads in stock. Customers who preordered their iPad may have better luck cancelling their pre-order and walking into an Apple Store. It sure as hell would be a lot quicker than waiting for FedEx to finally show up tomorrow night.


  • oldsweng

    Don’t blame the carriers, blame Apple. It’s their stupid “nobody gets them before XX/XX” policy and overzealous control of the shippers which causes the problems. BTW, my iPad arrived right at noon PDT.

  • mevans7

    Mine arrived at 12:30.  I asked the guy if he was delivering a few of these boxes.  He said “oh yes”.

  • DavidWMartin

    Buster…it finally arrived about an hour ago. The Fed Ex driver confirmed what the person at their toll free number told me – they were overwhelmed with pre-order deliveries and they got Apple’s permission to deliver late. Better late than tomorrow or Monday huh?

  • zendiesel

    I was sitting at work, when the Fed Ex claimed the driver did not see a receptionist at the front desk.  After, a mild conversation, they rerouted the driver and I received my precious…..lol.

  • crateish

    Got my iPad at noon. Arrived at the Apple Store at 4:30 to return it for a different configuration. Left with the new one at 4:50. Drinking beer by 5:30.

  • crateish

    And can I just say that Web graphics look terrible.

    Upgrade the Internet, people.

  • hausoftrinity

    Mine came at 9:30 this morning. I was the first on the UPS guy’s route. He was like “Got a truck full of ’em.”

  • isthisdavid

    My Fedex guy said he had “at least 50” on his truck.

  • Srose428

    Man and no body was jacking UPS and Fedex trucks yesterday…talk about a missed opportunity ;)

  • sir1jaguar

    Here in texas…

    Lots of walmart, target and best buy has the stock since friday…
    Not many peole bught it and even NOW, you can easily get any storage you like in black or white color….

    Lots of people i saw in 2 stores had their ipad 2 in tow and said… THERES NO BIG DIFFERENCE and the new ipad is kinda more yellowish screen and the brightness level is lower than my ipad 2.

    So i went home and will wait for another ipad or if someone will get my ipad 2 for $350 then i will think if its worth the upgrade BUT if you dont have an ipad now, BUY the new ipad – no question…

    So, if you have ipad 2 and only use it for email, web browsing and some simple task – keep it BUT if you dont have one, buy the latest ipad…

  • Appster

    I had to pick mine up from the FedEx facility because not only did they fail to deliver it yesterday, but also today. They stopped delivering at 3pm and the facility closes at 5 so I was able to pick it up in time. I didn’t want to have to wait until Monday. Who knows if they would even do it then? Totally not Apples fault. FedEx knows the drill. They should have planned better. They’ve had my package since 3/11 along with the thousands of others I’m sure, with the instructions to deliver on 3/16. Thats ample time to schedule enough people to work that day. Their overnight delivery turned into four days had I not decided to do their job for them. Next time I’ll wait in line.