Flood Of Pre-Ordered iPads Causing Shipping Delays



For the last two years, pre-ordering an iPad has been the surest bet to get an iPad in your hands on launch day. You don’t have to worry about the crazy long lines at the Apple store, or the possibility of Apple running out of stock by the time your number is called. This year things have been completely backwards. Everyone rushed to pre-order their iPad thinking they’ll get it without the hassle of waiting in line. But the lines at stores have been short all day, and the flood of pre-orders have caused delivery delays as some customers are reporting delivery exceptions that have pushed their estimated delivery time from 3p.m. back to 8p.m. and in some cases the next day.

When our iPad was delivered this afternoon, UPS told us they’ve had to split delivery dates into two — half will be delivered today and the other half tomorrow. The colossal amount of pre-ordered iPads is more than FedEx and UPS can keep up with today and it looks like some Apple customers aren’t going to be happy when they’re informed their device is delayed.

Ironically, the lines at Apple stores have continued to remain short or nonexistent all day with plenty of iPads in stock. Customers who preordered their iPad may have better luck cancelling their pre-order and walking into an Apple Store. It sure as hell would be a lot quicker than waiting for FedEx to finally show up tomorrow night.