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California Driver Arrested For Using Maps On iPhone While Driving Exonerated

Going somewhere? Take Apple's Maps with you.

Many states have laws against using smartphones while driving, for talking and texting… but does that count for Apple Maps? A California appeals court has ruled no.

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Go Hands-Free On A Budget With The Universal Car Mount [Deals]


We’re all guilty of it: the “cellphone-in-the-lap” move while driving. Whether we’re reading directions, sending a text, or talking on speakerphone, we’ve all used our cellphoens in the wrong place (the vehicle) and at the wrong time (while we’re driving said vehicle). Now you can avoid the temptation with the Universal Car Mount – the perfect accessory for any car owner.

Dial your phone, talk, and hang up without ever moving your hands away from the steering wheel. And thanks to Cult of Mac Deals you can get 51% off the regular price of the Universal Car Mount because it can be yours for only $14 during this limited time offer!

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Google Glass User Gets A Ticket For ‘Driving With Monitor Visible To Driver’


A Google Glass user in California may have become the first to get a ticket for using the wearable while driving. Cecilia Adabie was stopped by a Highway Patrol officer last night then summoned to the superior court for “driving with monitor visible to driver.”

The ticket has sparked debate over whether or not it should be legal to use Google Glass while behind the wheel.

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U.K. Government Bans Drivers From Using Google Glass Behind The Wheel


Arguably one of the best things about Google Glass is the ability to view maps and get directions while you’re driving without ever having to take your eyes off the road ahead. But that’s not the case for those in the U.K., where using Google Glass behind the wheel is banned by the government.

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Set The Preferred Directions Type For Maps In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Preferred Directions Maps iOS 7 beta

In Apple’s Maps app, which debuted in iOS 6, you’ve always been able to set the volume of the voiced directions, choose whether you want to use mile or kilometer units, and set your Map Labels to Always English or not.

In iOS 7 beta, however, you’re now able to set your preferred direction type. Here’s how.

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California Court Rules It’s Not Okay To Check Maps On Phone While Driving


Entire ad campaigns have been created to get people to stop texting while driving. It seems like common sense – you can’t get where you need to go if you’re busy texting your friend Sheila all about how excited you are for your date tonight.

But what if you can’t get to your date because you need to check your phone’s maps? Is it ok to look at maps while you’re driving? According to the California court of appeals, no way!

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BMWs, Minis Get Glympse One-Touch Location-Broadcast Feature


Glympse is a clever — and potentially lifesaving — feature that we’d love to see in more smartphone-connected cars.

It started out as a free app that can broadcast the user’s location to selected contacts, Facebook friends or Twitter followers. But it’s become a valuable tool for drivers of smartphone-connected Fords and Merecedes-Benzes, allowing them to broadcast their location without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Now BMW and Mini have partnered with Glympse, raising the marque total to four.

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New Ford Feature Lets Drivers Broadcast Their Real-Time Positions, Hands-Free [CES 2013]


image courtesy of Ford.

CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – By now it should be obvious to anyone that doing pretty much anything besides actually driving while driving is inherently dangerous — more so when a hand is taken off the wheel, and even more so when focus is split between driving and a phone screen.

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Earn To Die Zombie-Squishing Driving Game Doesn’t Quite Deliver [Review]

Earn To Die Zombie-Squishing Driving Game Doesn’t Quite Deliver [Review]

That’s the first one down.

You shouldn’t judge people purely on first impressions (although many of us do). You probably shouldn’t do the same with apps either. But first impressions count for a lot, and my first impressions of zombie killfest Earn to Die are, well, not that great.

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Blood And Slaughter Are The Maim Of The Game In Carmageddon For iOS [Review]

Blood And Slaughter Are The Maim Of The Game In Carmageddon For iOS [Review]

This man wants to drive over your spleen. Repeatedly.

This is Carmageddon: the driving game that got banned in several countries. The driving game that’s less about driving, and more about killing. Hit the gas and aim for the gizzards.

Newly released for iOS, this is a 12+ rated no-holds-barred killing fest. It’s non-stop gory driving violence with plenty of offensive language thrown in for good measure. In some working environments, both the game and some of the screenshots that follow may be considered NSFW.

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