Today in Apple history: World prepares for the NeXT Computer


People wanted to know what Jobs' next move was.
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oct24October 24, 1988: Three years after leaving Apple, 33-year-old Steve Jobs prepares to launch the NeXT Computer, a machine he hopes will cement his reputation as a tech genius and blow away the computers being released by his former company.

Newseek and Time published dueling articles on the same day, whipping back the covers on what Jobs had been working on — and hinting at what was coming NeXT next.

Apple forgot to celebrate iPod’s 15th birthday


Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Was it really 15 years ago?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

An important anniversary passed this weekend, but you’d have been hard-pressed to remember based on the lack of recognition it received from Apple.

That milestone event was the 15th anniversary of the iPod, the portable music player that squeezed 1,000 songs into our pockets, sold upwards of 350 million units, and — up until the iPhone — was the best-known product in Apple history.

An illustrated history of the iPod and its massive impact



Editor’s note: This weekend was the 15th anniversary of the iPod, the humble digital music player that reshaped Apple.

To mark the occasssion, Cult of Mac is republishing this illustrated history of the iPod — put together to celebrate the device’s 10th anniversary, and originally published on Oct. 22 2011.

An Illustrated History of the iPod

The iPod grew out of Steve Jobs’ digital hub strategy. Life was going digital. People were plugging all kinds of devices into their computers: digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players. The computer was the central device, the “digital hub,” that could be used to edit photos and movies or manage a large music library. Jobs tasked Apple’s programmers with making software for editing photos, movies and managing digital music. While they were doing this, they discovered that all the early MP3 players were horrible. Jobs asked his top hardware guy, Jon Rubinstein, to see if Apple could do better.

Flud, Nightgate, and other awesome apps of the week


'Appy weekend all!
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Looking to get up to speed on the top apps we checked out this week? We’ve got your back!

In a week in which China finally overtook the U.S. as Apple’s most profitable market for apps, some great apps, and app updates, found their way onto our mobile devices.

Whether you’re looking for some great puzzle games or a third-party keyboard worth downloading, we think you’ll find something to entertain you…

iPhone car mounts, Lightning cable triple packs, and more [Week’s Newest Deals]

This 5-Star VPN client supports more protocols than any other product in existence
This 5-Star VPN client supports more protocols than any other product in existence
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It’s mid-October and the temperature is dropping but the flood of new deals shows no sign of stopping. This week we’ve got access to a top shelf VPN service, a sleek car mount for your iPhone, a duo of productivity enhancing apps and a trio of extra long, MFi-certified Lightning cables. They’re all discounted by more than half off, read on for more details: