New version of Google Glass will turn your boss into a Glasshole


Google Glass header
Just when you thought you were safe from the Glassholes ...
Photo: Google

Google Glass has returned to keep looking like a really lame version of the future, according to reports. The company is rolling out a new, office-ready version of its augmented-reality wearable to businesses that aims to correct some of the problems of the earlier model.

The new hardware features a smaller form factor, prolonged battery life, and a faster processor.

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iPhone 6 Plus still works after months at bottom of ocean


Water way to test your iPhone!
Your iPhone doesn't usually feel like a dip. Possibly never, in fact.
Photo: Lifeproof

If you’re taking your iPhone 6 Plus on vacation with you, and you anticipate being near a large body of water like, say, the Pacific Ocean, it’s a good idea to take precautions. One kayaker’s ounce of prevention worked out for the best when his iPhone ended up at the bottom of the damned sea.

Months later, a scuba diver found the phone and returned it, and they could do that because both the waterproof bag the owner had bought and the phone inside of it were still working perfectly.

Jimmy Fallon’s Mac throws Clippy into a rage


Jimmy Fallon Clippy Windows 10
Hide the Mac, Fallon, or he'll rip the rest of your fingers off.
Photo: NBC

If you’re going to own a Mac, you should maybe put it away somewhere if you’re expecting a visit from Clippy.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon learned that lesson the hard way when he was talking up the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest OS last night. As is his wont, Microsoft Word’s built-in assistant appeared at random, and everything was cordial until the talking paper clip spotted the MacBook on Fallon’s desk.

You can check out the rest of the clip below.