OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip unites iPhone with Xbox controller [Review]


OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip review
Securely mount your iPhone on an Xbox controller with the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Playing fast-moving games on a touchscreen is often frustrating. And while iOS supports external game controllers, combining one with an iPhone can be cumbersome. But not with the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip. It attaches an iPhone to an Xbox controller in a surprisingly usable setup.

I did some gaming with the phone mount to see how it stands up to real-world use. Spoiler: it performed far better than the many cheap alternatives.

How to pair and customize a PS5, Xbox Series X controller in iOS 14.5


Pair PS5, Xbox controllers with iPhone and iPad
A better way to play your games on iPhone and iPad.
Photo: Microsoft/Cult of Mac

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X controllers can finally be used to play games on iPhone and iPad in Apple’s newest iOS and iPadOS 14.5 betas, seeded to developers on Monday.

We’ll show you how to set them up so that you’re ready to go as soon as iOS 14.5 rolls out to everyone.

New OtterBox clip joins iPhone to Xbox controller for on-the-go gaming


OtterBox, known for rugged phone cases, branched out to the gaming market.
Cheery people use the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip and the Gaming Carry Case.
Photo: OtterBox

CES 2021 bugOtterBox, known for rugged phone cases, branched out to the gaming market. Its newly announced Mobile Gaming Clip attaches a smartphone to an Xbox Wireless Controller.

The company also unveiled the Otterbox Easy Grip Controller Shell, which brings extra protection to an Xbox controller. And more gaming accessories, too. All at CES 2021.

How to customize a game controller for iPhone or iPad


How to customize a game controller for iPhone or iPad
Reconfiguring the buttons on an PS4 or Xbox game controller connected to an iPad or iPhone is easy. Here’s how.
Graphic: Cult of Mac

Serious gaming on your iPad or iPhone gets better with an external Xbox or PlayStation controller instead of a touchscreen. And Apple recently improved the experience even more by allowing you to reconfigure the buttons on your game controller.

Here’s how to customize what those all-important buttons do.

Apple TV comes to Xbox consoles next week


Apple TV and Xbox: together at last
A version of the Apple TV app will be ready when Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S debut next week.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Those who use a Microsoft Xbox as their entertainment center will soon be able to watch the Apple TV+ streaming video service. A version of the Apple TV software will be released for a range of Xbox consoles next Tuesday, including the newest ones.

Microsoft Xbox gaming service coming to iPhone as a web app


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate supposedly is headed for iPhone, not just Android
iPhone could soon play console-quality titles with Xbox Game Pass, as Androids can already.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft is reportedly using a workaround to get Xbox Game Pass on iPhone and iPad. Rather than going into the App Store, this cloud-gaming service will be available as a web application.

This is the same strategy Amazon took to get its own streaming game service on Apple handsets and tablets.

Apple TV app could soon be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles


Your PlayStation will be able to double up as an Apple TV+ viewer.
Photo: Sony

Since the days of the PlayStation 2’s in-built DVD player, for many people their games console has been the primary media hub for their TV. Despite this, Apple TV+ is not currently available on the top games platforms.

That may soon change, according to reports that claim that Apple is supposedly working with Microsoft and Sony to introduce its Apple TV app to Xbox and PlayStation.

App Store approvals mean major headaches for cloud gaming services


Microsoft Project xCloud on iPhone
Despite a beta test, the Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service isn’t headed for iPhone.
Photo: Microsoft

Google Stadia and Microsoft Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming services aren’t debuting on iPhone or iPad anytime soon. And the holdup isn’t for technical reasons. It’s about Apple’s App Store policy.

These services could bring desktop-level games to Apple mobile devices. But Microsoft’s offering definitely won’t debut in the App Store this autumn, and Google’s isn’t available, either.

Apple TV reigns with best picture quality among streaming devices in pandemic’s early days


Apple TV Siri Remote
Streaming video quality during early 2020 was above par using Apple TV devices.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

While it might be far down the pecking order of best selling streaming boxes, the Apple TV and Apple TV 4K got high marks in the first quarter of this year for best picture quality speed and shortest lag time in starting videos, according to data collected from billions of sensors embedded into video applications.

The results are a clear sign of how well streaming devices and services performed in a period where more people around the world were homebound due to the coronavirus pandemic and turned to watching television en masse.