Netflix could offer new gaming subscription like Apple Arcade

Netflix could offer new gaming subscription like Apple Arcade


Netflix could get into gaming
A Netflix for games? Yes, please!
Image: Netflix/Cult of Mac

Netflix is exploring an expansion into online gaming with a brand-new service much like Apple Arcade, according to new reports.

The service could see subscribers paying a monthly fee for unlimited access to a catalog of titles. However, sources familiar with the situation say that plans are “very much in flux” as things stand.

Apple isn’t the only company to offer gaming subscriptions. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, with Microsoft’s excellent Xbox Game Pass proving to be one of the most appealing.

Game Pass, like Apple Arcade, gives gamers access to a growing library of top games for an affordable monthly fee. Each title can be played without limitations for as long as the user has an active subscription.

Now it seems Netflix could be eyeing a piece of that pie.

Games on the way to Netflix?

Sources for The Information, who have since been corroborated by Reuters, say Netflix has in recent weeks approached veteran video game industry executives about joining the California-based company.

“While the company has already dabbled in games … it is looking at boosting its investments in the category,” reads The Information’s report. “One option the company has discussed is offering a bundle of games similar to Apple’s online subscription offering, Apple Arcade.”

It is believed the plans are part of a wider Netflix push to attract new subscribers now that growth in its movie and TV show streaming service has slowed in a number of markets, including the U.S. But gamers probably shouldn’t expect the service to deliver big franchises.

A source for Axios suggests Netflix’s potential video game package would consist of a mix of Netflix-owned titles, such as the existing Stranger Things and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, as well as new and original games developed by independent studios.

No denial from Netflix

Although Netflix won’t confirm these plans — especially not this early into their development — it won’t deny them, either. When pushed for comment, the company told Axios and The Independent that it is “excited to do more with interactive entertainment.”

Some sources say that if Netflix goes ahead with a gaming subscription, we could expect to see it in 2022 at the earliest. But again, it’s very early days, and the situation could change at any time.