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This titanium band is the perfect match for your Apple Watch Ultra [Cult of Mac giveaway]


Lululook Titanium Link Band for Apple Watch Ultra is as robust as they come
Lululook's Titanium Link Band for Apple Watch Ultra is about as robust as they come.
Photo: Lululook

Refresh your Apple Watch Ultra with this week’s brilliant giveaway from Lululook. We’re giving away one Titanium Link Band for Apple Watch Ultra. Retailing at $79.99, this band looks great with Apple’s biggest, boldest smartwatch.

Find out more about this devastatingly handsome band, and enter our giveaway, below.

Rounded corners and edges plus titanium case rumored for iPhone 15


iPhone 15's corners and edges might be rounded, not squared off.
iPhone 15's corners and edges might be rounded, not squared off.
Photo: ShrimpApplePro@Twitter.com

A leaker with a pretty good track record for accuracy said Sunday the upcoming iPhone 15 series will feature rounded corners and edges, plus a titanium case. Rounded corners would harken way back to earlier iPhones and a titanium case would be a first for Apple handsets.

The rumors came from ShrimpApplePro, who gets it right a fair amount of the time when predicting what Apple will do.

Apple Watch 8 may stick with current design and drop some color options


A new report suggests a new design isn't coming to standard Apple Watch 8 models.
A new report suggests a new design, as shown in this render, isn't coming to standard Apple Watch 8 models.
Photo: Ian Zelbo

Apple Watch Series 8, at least in the standard 41mm and 45mm models, will see the same design as Apple Watch 7 rather than adding new elements like flat edges or bigger screens, a new report indicated Friday.

And the source added there may be no new sensors and fewer color choices with Apple Watch 8 than with the 7 series.

Just how titanium is the titanium Apple Card?


Apple Card’s ‘elite card’ status is hitting retailers in the wallet
This is why we can't have nice things.
Photo: Apple

Do you want to be the kind of know-it-all who takes the wind out of fanboys’ sails by telling them their fancy new titanium Apple Card isn’t actually 100% titanium?

No? Then you should probably ignore a new article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The publication used a scanning electron microscope to work out the Apple Card’s composition because the internet’s run out of things to do.

Expect ceramic and titanium Apple Watch Series 5 casings


Apple Watch Edition
Ceramic Apple Watch casings are much harder than aluminum ones. The same would go for a titanium casing.
Photo: Apple

Buried in the watchOS 6 beta are a couple of images showing that this fall’s Apple Watch will be apparently available with titanium and ceramic casings.

It seems early details about Apple’s 2019 wearable are finally starting to trickle out.

Promo video showcases Apple Card’s gorgeous design


Apple Card
The Apple Card is a thing of beauty.
Photo: Apple

Against all odds, Apple Card was the most exciting thing coming out of Monday’s keynote event. The credit card itself won’t be available until later in the year. However, in the meantime an Apple promo video lets us salivate at the prospect of the gorgeous titanium wallet pleaser.

Check out the newly uploaded video, originally shown off during Monday’s “Show Time” event, below.

Gorgeous custom iPhone XS adds mechanical watch to back of phone


Caviar iphone
Caviar's Grand Complications Skelton iPhones aren't cheap.
Photo: Caviar

Not satisfied with the iPhone XS Max being a mere smartphone, crazy Russian iPhone modders have gone and added a gorgeous mechanical watch onto Apple’s latest masterpiece.

The Grand Complications collection comes in three options: pink gold, titanium and black and gold, giving owners one of the most unique iPhones in the world. Caviar says the collection was inspired by the idea innovation of the future and their connection to classical traditions of the past.

Tuls Are Little Card-Sized Titanium Tools And iPhone Stands [Kickstarter]




I remember the crushing fetish we all had for Titanium back when I entered the cycling fraternity. (It’s fallen out of vogue now, of course — most likely thanks in part to the rise of carbon fiber, or perhaps something to do with the economics of materials I don’t fully understand.)

It’s an exotic material, with accompanying exotic pricing, thanks to the difficulty and expense of processing it. Still, we’ll pay an exorbitant surcharge for things made out of the magic metal because it’s so near-unbreakable, corrosion-resistant — and just plain wicked.

Which brings me to Tuls. David Laituri — you may or may not remember him as the man behind Vers and their super-green, handcrafted audio toys — has laser-cut tools, iPhone stands and other thoughtful solutions out of slivers of Titanium.