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Tuls Are Little Card-Sized Titanium Tools And iPhone Stands [Kickstarter]




I remember the crushing fetish we all had for Titanium back when I entered the cycling fraternity. (It’s fallen out of vogue now, of course — most likely thanks in part to the rise of carbon fiber, or perhaps something to do with the economics of materials I don’t fully understand.)

It’s an exotic material, with accompanying exotic pricing, thanks to the difficulty and expense of processing it. Still, we’ll pay an exorbitant surcharge for things made out of the magic metal because it’s so near-unbreakable, corrosion-resistant — and just plain wicked.

Which brings me to Tuls. David Laituri — you may or may not remember him as the man behind Vers and their super-green, handcrafted audio toys — has laser-cut tools, iPhone stands and other thoughtful solutions out of slivers of Titanium.

Tuls come in four cleverly named characters: Roul, with cutouts for precise drafting measurements; Opie, a bottle opener; Stan, an iPhone stand that doubles as an earphone organizer; and my favorite, Lucy, a set of metric a standard wrenches with an accompanying bottle opener and spoke wrench. As a bonus, Laituri says they all fall under TSA guidelines as allowable carry-on for flights.

Each Tul is $33, but prices vary, depending on how many you want, and how early you snag your set (or whether you opt for steel instead).

Source: Tuls