McDonald’s restaurant offers free iPhone to employees who stay 6 months


Stick with your job and get an iPhone doesn't sound like a bad deal.
Photo: A Befendo/Flickr CC

The fast food industry doesn’t just produce on-demand fries and burgers quickly, it’s also classically had a rapid turnover of employees. That’s a headache during normal times, but with the current post-COVID staffing shortage, it’s proving to be more of a migraine.

One McDonald’s restaurant in Altamont, Illinois, has a bright idea to get staff to hang around, though: Offer free iPhones for those who stay in the job for at least six months.

How to get free McDonald’s fries using your iPhone


McDonald’s Fries
Mmmm, feeling hungry?
Photo: McDonald’s

Tomorrow is National French Fry Day and McDonald’s is celebrating by giving away these golden delicious treats every Friday for the rest of July. The fast-food chain has partnered with Apple Pay on this promotion so you’ll need to make the purchase with your iPhone.

They’re leakin’ it! McDonald’s uses iPhone 8 render in latest ad


iPhone 8 McDonald's
Would you like an iPhone 8 with that?
Photo: McDonald's

What’s the best way to generate interest in your latest ad campaign? Include pictures of the next iPhone before it’s even announced, of course!

That’s exactly what McDonald’s has done, using an unofficial iPhone 8 render created by Benjamin Geskin, for a campaign to promote its new mobile ordering app down in Australia.

McDonald’s now takes job applications via Snapchat


It couldn't be easier to apply for a McDonald's job.
It couldn't be easier to apply for a McDonald's job.
Photo: McDonald's

McDonald’s Australia has begun taking job applications through Snapchat in an effort to attract young people to its workforce.

The “Snaplication” process, believed to be a first for both McDonald’s and Snapchat, requires applicants to submit a 10-second video of themselves while using a new filter that applies a McDonald’s hat and uniform.

McDonald’s rips Jony Ive in tasty new ad for ‘the STRAW’


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 15.40.32
This looks weirdly familiar...
Photo: McDonald's

Apple can barely manage a few days without someone else parodying or ripping off one of its iconic ads. The latest? McDonald’s, which just debuted a commercial for a product called “the STRAW” to market its forthcoming St. Patrick’s Day-themed Chocolate Shamrock Shake.

From the white backdrop to the earnest-sounding “person with a British accent,” there’s no doubt who the fast food chain is having some fun at the expense of.

Apple Pay just killed your wallet


Apple's partners went to extremes to keep news of Cupertino's mobile payments entry quiet.
Apple's partners went to extremes to keep news of Cupertino's mobile payments entry quiet.

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have bigger screens, badder cameras and you can use them in place of your wallet.

Apple just took the wraps off Apple Pay, its much-rumored mobile payments service. CEO Tim Cook is so excited about it that he looped the demo over and over during the keynote. It’s being touted as an “easy, secure and private” way to get your caffe latte on the run.

One thing’s for sure: this is a massive shift in the payments industry.

What the cluck? 15 weird mascots dying for a Subservient Chicken-style reboot



Nothing sells like a sequel.

A decade after Burger King choked out Subservient Chicken, the bizarre fast food mascot is poised for a comeback. The wacky dude in a chicken suit, who magically submitted to the Internet’s commands in one of the weirdest and most successful viral-marketing campaigns ever, will return with a clucking vengeance Wednesday with a short film “chronicling the rise and fall of internet celebrities,” according to Advertising Age.

In some ways, it’s perfect timing: Sequels and viral magic have become staples of marketing and pop culture. But can the burger chain recapture the glory of its 2004 campaign, which racked up more than a billion views with its camgirl-inspired creepiness? While we’re waiting to find out, here are 15 bizarre brand mascots that demand a reboot.

Apple To Partner With McDonalds, Nissan, Pepsi And P&G For iTunes Radio Ads



Apple’s Pandora-like competitor, iTunes Radio, is gearing up for a fall launch, but before Apple can stream songs to iOS devices across the U.S. for free, it’s got to find someone to help pay for it all, so it’s recruited some of the biggest brands in the world to supply it with ads.

The list of brand partners participating in the iTunes Radio launch will include McDonalds, Nissan, Pepsi and Procter & Gamble — all of which get exclusivity within their industries until the end of 2013.

Apple Announces A Completely Different Mac [Video]




Even though we don’t know the release date or price, people are absolutely drooling over the new Mac Pro that Apple announced at WWDC. It’s tiny, black, and powerful as hell, so who can blame them.

But what if Apple announced a completely different Mac than the one we saw on Monday? What if, Apple announced the Big Mac? Check out this hilarious WWDC keynote mashup video from Simon Balch to see just how incredible it’d be if Apple and The Golden Arches joined forces:

Apple Climbs Up To Second In Best Global Brands Survey


Apple is the "top riser" in the Best Global Brands survey.

Apple has climbed up to the second spot in Interbrand’s “Best Global Brands” survey of 2012, with an estimated brand value of $76.5 billion. The Cupertino company is second only to Coca-Cola, worth an estimated $77.8 billion, and it leaves IBM, Google, and Microsoft trailing behind.

Apple Turns Over Its Entire Inventory Every 5 Days


It's unlikely any of those iPads will sit on the shelf for a more than five days.
It's unlikely any of those iPads will sit on the shelf for a more than five days.

Apple’s ability to turn over its inventory incredibly quickly is seen as one of the Cupertino company’s greatest strengths. But just how quickly does it sell its products? According to Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25 league table, Apple clears its entire inventory every 4.9 days. That’s faster than Amazon, Coca-Cola, Dell, and Samsung. In fact, the only company that turns over its inventory quicker is McDonald’s.