By Itself, iPhone Is A Bigger Business Than Coca-Cola Or McDonald’s [Chart]



We all know the iPhone is a huge part of Apple’s business, but how huge? A new chart shows that if it were a standalone company, the iPhone would have greater revenues than some of the most iconic businesses on Earth.

Businessweek put together a chart that shows that, taken alone, Apple’s iPhone business would make it the 9th largest company in the Dow Jones top 30, toppling iconic companies like Boeing, Intel, Coca-Cola, Disney, McDonald’s, Nike and more.

That’s not to say that Apple’s iPhone business is the biggest in the world. Far from it: IBM, that stalwart blue chip, is still bigger, as is AT&T, Verizon, GE, Exxon and Walmart.

Source: Businessweek

One response to “By Itself, iPhone Is A Bigger Business Than Coca-Cola Or McDonald’s [Chart]”

  1. Steffen Jobbs says:

    I wish they’d stop posting this sort of crap. Every time they do, Apple’s share price drops further into the toilet. It’s bad enough that Wall Street thinks Apple is already overvalued and this just adds fuel to the fire and gives them another reason to take Apple’s share price down further. Apple has been one of the worst performing tech stocks of all 2013 so I don’t know why they’re boasting about the iPhone business. Wall Street has already stated that iPhone hardware is far behind the Android smartphones and iPhone market share is slipping into irrelevance. It’s already being said that iPhone weekend sales weren’t all that good and Apple was fudging numbers in their favor to make it look like they sold more than they actually did. All in all, Apple’s iPhone business sure isn’t providing much in the way of shareholder value.