Apple’s Unveils iTunes Radio, Its Take On Pandora [WWDC 2013]



The rumors were right. Apple has unveiled iTunes Radio (previously dubbed ‘iRadio” by the rumor mill) in the iOS 7 Music app. The service works a lot like Pandora. You can create stations based on artists you like and share what you’re listening to over social networks.

There are featured stations as well as the collection you create based on your own tastes. iTunes Radio is built into iOS 7, the Apple TV, and an upcoming version of iTunes.

The service is free with ads, and if you have an iTunes Match subscription, there are no ads.

  • dcdevito

    Since when does Apple allow free ad-supported…ANYTHING?

    If iOS users have proven anything, it’s that they’re willing to pay for apps and premium services. This is strange. Not to mention Google Music All Access is 100x better and more functional than this garbage

  • miguel_a

    I was expecting something to compete against spotify or Rdio. For me, it seems just another new feature, not a new service.

  • Andrew Newsome

    Since when does Apple allow free ad-supported…ANYTHING?

    Possibly the hundreds of thousands of ad-supported apps on the appstore?

    So pissed that only in the US at the moment. I want iTunes Radio now! haha. I have Pandora, but still, iTunes Radio is integrated. Oh well.