Apple Climbs Up To Second In Best Global Brands Survey


Apple is the "top riser" in the Best Global Brands survey.

Apple has climbed up to the second spot in Interbrand’s “Best Global Brands” survey of 2012, with an estimated brand value of $76.5 billion. The Cupertino company is second only to Coca-Cola, worth an estimated $77.8 billion, and it leaves IBM, Google, and Microsoft trailing behind.

It’s a massive leap for Apple, which sat in eleventh place in the same survey back in 2011. In just three years, the company has jumped 18 spots, claiming Interbrand’s “top riser” moniker. And with little between it and Coca-Cola, it may be just a matter of time before it reaches the top.

The top 10 Best Global Brands looks like this:

  1. Coca-Cola — $77.8 billion
  2. Apple — $76.5 billion
  3. IBM — $75.5 billion
  4. Google — $69.7 billion
  5. Microsoft — $57.8 billion
  6. General Electric — $43.6 billion
  7. McDonald’s — $40 billion
  8. Intel — $39.3 billion
  9. Samsung — $32.8 billion
  10. Toyota — $30.2 billion

It’s quite surprising to see Samsung so far down the list, considering the massive success of its Android-powered smartphones, such as the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S III, and the Galaxy Note.

Source: Interbrands