Apple Sells Apps Faster Than McDonald’s Sells Hamburgers [Infographic]



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19 responses to “Apple Sells Apps Faster Than McDonald’s Sells Hamburgers [Infographic]”

  1. oakdesk23 says:

    Downloads are not sales. Headline from Apple:

    “Apple’s App Store Downloads Top 15 Billion”

    Your interpretation:
    “Apple recently announced that they’d sold just over 15 billion apps”

    So, are you really so stupid as not to understand that downloads aren’t necessarily sales?

  2. Friends of Mac says:

    That’s a bit harsh…

    Tthe fact remains that Apple is serving up a s**t ton of apps, both paid and free. iOS is kicking butt and taking names. Developers are jumping ship from competing platforms, including Android, because iTunes is where the money’s at.


  3. Edward Steve says:

    Ha Ha Ha. I can’t but laugh. The title of the post made me do so. It’s amazing indeed.

  4. oakdesk23 says:

    The truth is harsh? Okay.

    Apple is doing exceptionally well, no one argues that.

    Developers are not jumping ship… there simply aren’t many developers on competing platforms. If anything, developers are going to platforms that aren’t under Apple’s control.

    I will now consider you an idiot as well.

    By the way, how has putting your link on every comment worked out for you?

  5. Vivek Parmar says:

    Thought good comes before having any device but an apple a day keeps doctor away. Apple rocks 

  6. Kuped says:

    Fewer cows die in the downloading of iOS apps than MacDonald’s burgers too…I think.

  7. dapowell says:

    Yes because the logistics of delivering bits is somehow comparable to that of delivering bites.

  8. Jeriel Castillo says:

    If that’s the case the Google “sold” (downloads :P) 15 Billions Apps faster than Apple won’t you agreed?


  9. smitty97 says:

    wow, if that android slope gets any steeper it’ll go toward the left.  that kind of projection with just 2 data points = android fanboi

  10. David S says:

    He may be a complete asshole, but he’s got a point.

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