We’re lovin’ these music-making McDonald’s placemats


The McTrax is much better than a Happy Meal toy.
Photo: McDonald's

You can now enjoy a Big Mac while you whip up your next hit track thanks to music-making food trays from McDonald’s.

The fast food giant has created touch-sensitive placemats that pair with your smartphone and allow you to interact with a custom music app.

Called McTrax, the placemats are designed to attract young creatives who need their bellies filled. They are made up of conductive ink and an ultra-thin circuit board and battery, which allow the placemat to connect to your iPhone or Android device.

Your phone then acts as a display and speaker, while you use the controls printed on the placemat to craft a stellar beat. The custom app offers samples, synths, loops, and effects, and even allows you to record your own lyrics.

Sadly, the McTrax trays, which were developed in partnership with advertising agency TBWA\Neboko and digital production agency This Page Amsterdam, were only available for a short time in select McDonald’s restaurants in the Netherlands.

Don’t expect to get one with your next McChicken Sandwich, then — but do lookout for them on eBay.

Via: The Next Web