Custom mechanical gaming keyboard ups ‘cool’ factor [Setups]


NuPhy mechanical gaming keyboard
The user describes the key caps on his NuPhy Halo75 mechanical gaming keyboard as "fire."

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage for folks who love their nuanced typing feel, customizability and all that clickety-clackety noise.

Today’s featured Mac Studio and dual-Studio Display setup boasts a great mechanical gaming keyboard, the NuPhy Halo75, with custom keycaps.

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NuPhy mechanical gaming keyboard helps make Mac Studio setup

B2B software company worker and Redditor mcaputo023 (“Cap”) showcased the beautiful setup in a post entitled, “Updated Mac setup with standing desk.” He mounts his Mac Studio desktop computer under the desk to drive a pair of Studio Displays side by side on a desk shelf above it.

So the side-by-side display orientation brought up common concerns we covered in Friday’s post about the setup, which talked about tricks to sync dual Studio Displays for sound and brightness levels. And then on Monday we focused on the setup’s Philips Hue ambient lighting.

But we’d be remiss to move on from this setup with paying homage to its cool, customized mechanical gaming keyboard, the NuPhy Halo75 with custom keycaps. 

NuPhy Halo75 mechanical gaming keyboard

dual Studio Displays setup
Here’s Cap’s full setup. The bezels joining in the middle where these side-by-side Studio Displays meet doesn’t much bother him.

Commenter took notice of the pretty blue-and-white NuPhy Halo75 mechanical gaming keyboard. NuPhy gives you a raft of keycap and switch choices to pick from. 

“What keycap set it that?” one asked. “Looks beautiful.” Keycaps, which people tend to simply think of as the keyboard’s keys, cover the underlying mechanical switches that distinguish the keyboards from membrane keyboards like Apple’s Magic Keyboard. 

“They are fire! It’s the Arcade-ia keycaps from NuPhy!” Cap replied. “The desk pad ties it all together, which is from Polybius, and I bought it from Space Cables.”

Cap’s keycaps, cost $45 as an add-on when you buy the $130 mechanical gaming keyboard. The key caps have spherical tops for comfortable typing. They also feature fun graphics that tie into gaming. 

And NuPhy gave the 75% layout keeb its “Halo” name for a reason, as it explains: 

NuPhy has taken a radical approach to Halo75’s design language. A band of light, the ‘Halo’, forms the central piece that unites the solid unibody aluminum frame, first seen on a fully assembled keyboard, with the laser-polished ABS base. 

And if you like the wallpaper showing on the setup’s Studio Displays, you can find it here.

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KeyTok Arcade-ia KDS keycaps
Here’s a closer look at the KeyTok Arcade-ia KDS keycap Cap uses, shown on another keyboard.
Photo: NuPhy

Keyboard and other input devices:

Computers and mounts:

Displays, desk shelf and desk mat:

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