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$39 mod kit turns an iPhone XR into iPhone 13 with MagSafe support


iPhone XR to iPhone 13 mod kit
The most affordable iPhone 13 upgrade.
Photo: Combo Fixing

Getting a little bored of your iPhone XR’s aging form factor? Make it look like an iPhone 13 and add MagSafe support with this $39.50 mod kit.

The kit includes a complete chassis and tools, so all you have to do is transfer the screen and internal components from your existing iPhone. The video below walks you through the process — and shows the impressive final result.

iPhone SE 3 could steal iPhone XR’s design but miss out on Face ID


iPhone XR performance is stellar, far better than many Android devices that cost more.
It would be a big upgrade for Apple's low-cost smartphone.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s third-generation iPhone SE may ship with a new design after all, with a new report claiming the low-cost device will look a lot like iPhone XR.

It is expected to get a much larger 6.1-inch display with significantly slimmer bezels. But unlike iPhone XR, it could ship with Touch ID integrated into its power button, rather than Face ID. It may also be Apple’s last LCD iPhone.

iOS 15 doesn’t turn older iPhones into slugs


iPhone 8 Wireless Charging
Put iOS 15 on your iPhone 8 and you could improve the performance and battery life. And get lots of new features.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Some users of older iPhones refuse to install iOS upgrades because they mistakenly think these will reduce the performance of their handset. But tests comparing iOS 15 with various previous versions found no sign of Apple’s latest turning any model into a slug. Some of the devices actually ran faster with newer software.

And the same goes for battery life, in general. Most older iPhones have a longer battery life with iOS 15, though some do see a reduction.

7 reasons the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 makes a worthy upgrade for iPhone 11 or XR [Review]


6.1-inch iPhone 13 review
Still carrying an iPhone XS or even an iPhone 8? The iPhone 13 is better in virtually every way.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Those looking for an upgrade for the iPhone 11, XS or 8 need search no further than the 6.1-inch iPhone 13. Apple’s latest midsize handset offers far better performance than those older models, a noticeably longer battery life and a better camera. Plus there are some other nice additions, like a smaller notch.

Snag an unlocked iPhone XR refurb for under $320 today only


The iPhone XR will feature Haptic Touch. But just what is that?
Don't miss out!
Photo: Apple

Want a bargain iPhone that packs some of Apple’s best features? Look no further than a refurbished iPhone XR. You get an edge-to-edge display, Face ID, stereo speakers, and more — and all for less than $320. This sale ends today, so claim yours before it’s too late.

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What’s old is new: Apple will push its older iPhones over the holidays


iPhone sales
Expect to see more iPhone XR handsets on shelves this holidays.
Photo: Apple

With coronavirus-related production challenges stifling the supply of iPhone 12 models, Apple is reportedly turning to older models to sell during the all-important holiday season.

According to a new report, published Thursday, Apple is seeking to “make up for shortages of its 5G lineup” by upping its orders for the iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XR handsets. Don’t expect to see a whole lot of iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max handsets, though!

Bag bargain iPhone refurbs for as little as $99.99 today only


Analyst complains iPhone’s average selling price is slipping
Don't miss out!
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Woot’s spectacular sale on refurbished iPhones is back, with big savings to be had on a wide range of models. Prices start at a mere $99.99 for iPhone 6s and rise to just $769.99 for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This sale is good for today only. Enjoy it while you can!

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Pick up an iPhone refurb for as little as $94.99 today only


iPhone XR portrait mode
They won't last long!
Photo: Apple

Amazingly cheap iPhone refurbs are back at Woot! You can pick up various models, from iPhone 6S to iPhone XR, with prices starting at a mere $94.99 today only. Stock is selling fast so claim yours while you still can.

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