iPhone manufacturers are hurting from uncertainty about future plans


iPhone X Product Red Wallpaper
What does Apple's next-gen iPhone have in store?
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Apple is reportedly dropping Touch ID altogether this year in favor of Face ID for its next-gen iPhones. However, Apple is still keeping its suppliers in the dark about plans, a new report suggests.

Shares in AMS, a supplier which produces some of the components for Apple’s TrueDepth camera, have fallen 9.1 percent as a result. That’s its biggest decline in two years. And other suppliers are hurting, too.

Apple doubles OLED orders from Samsung, but there’s a catch


2018 iPhone
Apple is ramping up its use of OLED displays in 2018.
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Apple is upping its use of OLED displays for this year’s iPhone refresh — and it wants a better deal as a result.

As was the case last year, this year’s iPhone displays will reportedly be manufactured by Samsung Display. Due to the numbers Apple is projecting for this year’s OLED iPhone orders, it wants Samsung to lower the costs it charges Apple by around 9 percent.

How is the iPhone X selling?


iPhone boot up
The iPhone X isn't a dud, but it also it's Apple's top seller.
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The iPhone 8 is Apple’s best-selling model, and the larger 8 Plus is in second place. The controversial iPhone X is currently Apple’s third best-selling model, according to a market analysis firm.

Apple’s older models make up 40 percent of the company sales, a higher percentage than last year.

Apple throws shade at Android in hilarious iPhone ads


Apple ad
Up your selfie game with Portrait Lighting.
Photo: Apple

Apple is back with a new set of ads aiming to get Android users to switch to iPhone. The two new ads showcase Portrait Mode and Portrait Lightning on the newest iPhones, while also bragging about the App Store’s security compared to Google Play.

Watch them both:

iPhone X users love the ‘notch’


iphone x
A survey shows 97 percent of iPhone X owners are satisfied with this device, including its screen cutout.
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More than 90 percent of iPhone X users like the design without a Home button, according to a scientific survey. That’s good news for Apple, as most of the 2018 models are expected to use a similar form factor.

That’s not to say there’s no room for improvement. The survey also pointed several aspects of the iPhone X that responders didn’t like as much.

Jumbo wireless charging station juices up 2 devices at once [Deals]


iPM Wireless Charger
Charge your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time with no problem.
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Charging up a device without wires used to sound like science fiction, but now it’s getting more and more common. With Qi charging technology, it’s a capability that most new devices will have. Wireless charging is growing more popular, so the charging stations are growing too.

LG losing its fight to become iPhone screen supplier


iPhone X
Apple may be forced to rely solely on Samsung again.
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Apple is having a tough time trying to diversify iPhone screen suppliers and break away from Samsung.

LG Display was lined up to become a second supplier of OLED displays for this year’s iPhone lineup, but after running into manufacturing troubles, it may not be able to meet Apple’s demands.

Huawei had notches years before iPhone X made them cool


iPhone X notch
Apple probably wasn’t first to think of the notch.
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Huawei was developing smartphones with notches in their displays years before iPhone X made them cool, it claims.

The Chinese company ultimately decided not to release one because it was “too conservative and cautious” at the time — but now that Apple uses notches, it’s okay.