iPhone X

Apple can now repair Face ID on iPhone X without replacing the device


face id
Easier and more affordable for everyone.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple Store technicians and Authorized Service Providers can now repair Face ID issues on iPhone X without replacing the entire handset.

Apple last month began performing Face ID repairs on newer iPhone models, but iPhone X was excluded from the list of supported devices. A leaked internal memo reveals that the 2017 flagship has now been included.

Another modded USB-C iPhone is going on sale, and this one’s waterproof


This one's reinforced and waterproof, its maker said.
This one's reinforced and waterproof, its maker said.
Photo: Gernot Jöbstl

First a robotics engineering student made a splash late last year by modding an iPhone X with a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port — and sold the device for big money. Now someone else is touting a similar modification, but this time the handset boasts a reinforced port that includes waterproofing. And yes, the tinkerer’s going to sell it soon — probably for more money than most people make in a year.

iPhone X with USB-C port hits eBay with bids at over $85,000


iPhone with USB-C hits eBay
Will you be placing a bid?
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Remember the iPhone X that was modded to use a USB-C port? The robotics engineer who created it this week listed the device on eBay, and it has already racked up more than 140 bids to reach an eye-watering $85,550.

The auction, which includes a 30-minute phone call with seller Ken Pillonel, still has seven days left to run. But Pillonel asks bidders not to restore or update the device — or even use it as their daily driver.

Skip iPhone 13 and bag a bargain refurb from just $99.99 today only


Apple has raised $220 million to fight AIDS-related deaths in Africa
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Not interested in splashing out on iPhone 13 or 13 Pro? Treat yourself to a more affordable upgrade instead. Woot’s insane sale on iPhone refurbs is back, and you can bag yours from just $99.99.

A range of devices, from iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 Pro Max, are currently available. Stock is selling fast and the sale is good for one day only, so enjoy it while you can.

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iPhone X survives 11,000-foot fall from an airplane


An iPhone X fell about 11,000 feet from a Diamond DA40 aircraft -- and survived!
An iPhone X fell about 11,000 feet from a Diamond DA40 aircraft -- and survived!
Photo: Diamond Aircraft

You know how technology publications do “drop tests” on gadgets like smartphones, just to see if the thing is likely to survive if and when you knock yours off the kitchen counter? Well, an iPhone X recently passed an accidental drop test from 11,000 feet. From an airplane.

Bag an unlocked iPhone X refurb for under $310 today only


iphone x
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Need a new iPhone to enjoy the best of iOS 14? Check out Woot’s latest deal on “grade A” iPhone X refurbs. You can bag yours, fully unlocked for use on any carrier, for under $310 today only.

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Man sues Apple after iPhone X explodes in his pocket


iPhone XS Max
Bigger and better for your eyes.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

An Australian iPhone owner whose day job is working as a scientist at the University of Melbourne is suing Apple after his iPhone X exploded in his pocket.

Robert De Rose says that he was sitting in his office in 2019, with the iPhone in his pocket, when suddenly he felt an intense pain in his thigh. He was left with second-degree leg burns after the incident.

Save $105 on an iPhone X refurb before they’re all gone


iPhone X
Pay just $495 for a limited time only.
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It’s a great time to treat yourself to an iPhone upgrade with $104.99 off iPhone X refurbs at Amazon. The discount reduces the price of an unlocked model with 256GB of storage to just $495.

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Bag bargain iPhone refurbs for as little as $99.99 today only


Analyst complains iPhone’s average selling price is slipping
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Woot’s spectacular sale on refurbished iPhones is back, with big savings to be had on a wide range of models. Prices start at a mere $99.99 for iPhone 6s and rise to just $769.99 for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Bag a bargain iPhone refurb for as little as $119.99 today only


iPhone XS box gold
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Woot’s spectacular sale on refurbished iPhones is back, with big savings to be had on a wide range of models. Prices start at a mere $119.99 for iPhone 7 and rise to just $509.99 for iPhone XS Max.

This sale is good for today (Friday, April 24) only. Enjoy it while you can!

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Twelve South’s stunning SurfacePad comes to iPhone 11 series


Orders yours today from $39.99.
Photo: Twelve South

Twelve South’s stunning SurfacePad is a case (kind of) for iPhone owners who hate cases — and it’s now available for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

SurfacePad is a sheet of high-end leather that sticks to the back of your device and wraps around to cover its display. It keeps your iPhone free from scracthes, without the drawbacks of a traditional case.

Order yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

Check out full Windows 10 running on an iPhone X


It's not speedy, but it works.
Photo: Hacking Jules

Here’s something you probably thought you would never see: Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system running on an iPhone X.

The hack is made possible by an app called UTM, which allows virtual machines to run on iOS devices. And despite some issues — as you might expect — it really works rather well … if you have plenty of patience.

How to quickly flip through a stack of apps in Slide Over


Slide Over
Hopefully this iPad won't "Slide Over" into the pool. Ho ho.
Photo: Maarten van den Heuvel/Unsplash

iPad multitasking, Split Screen and all that stuff, has been getting a bad rap recently, and rightly so. It’s a mess. But amidst this storm of iPad hatred, there’s one great feature that stays great: Slide Over. On the iPad, Slide Over lets you dock a mini, iPhone-size version of an app over on the right side of the screen. You can swipe this away to hide it, and swipe again to bring it back out.

That’s cool, and very handy (as we shall see in a moment). But even better is that you can dock a whole bunch of apps over there, ready to use, and then fan out the stack to help pick the one you want. Let’s take a look. You’re going to love this.

Find My iPhone helps catch another smartphone thief


Find My iPhone
Thief tried to sell stolen iPhone to a used phone shop.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Police arrested an alleged iPhone thief after the device’s rightful owner used the Find My app to track down the missing handset.

A 21-year-old Madison, Wisconsin, resident left a bar on Sunday, only to notice that her debit card, driver’s license and iPhone X were missing, according to WKOW. When her card was used later, she visited the location of the purchase — and managed to get surveillance footage of the suspected thief.

This is the most realistic 2020 iPhone concept we’ve seen yet


The 2020 iPhone could pack some serious camera upgrades.
Photo: Hacker 34

The grand unveiling of the iPhone 12 (or whatever Apple calls it) is still over half a year away, but you can already get a pretty good idea of what to expect thanks to a new concept video.

Most iPhone concept videos we see throw in a bunch of unrealistic features. Instead of focusing on what could be, the Hacker 34’s new concept video brings to life all the reliable rumors we’ve heard so far. The concept won’t wow you with promises of a holographic display and instead focuses on the iterative changes we’re likely to see in 2020.

This is about as close to the 2020 iPhone commercial you’re going to see right now:

Join the dark side with OtterBox’s Star Wars iPhone cases


OtterBox Star Wars iPhone cases
What would the Star Wars saga be without droids and Kylo Renn?
Photo: OtterBox

An addition to OtterBox’s Star Wars iPhone cases celebrates Kylo Ren wearing his helmet again, while a second salutes the droids that are so important to these films.

These two join cases with more than a dozen other designs from Lucasfilm’s ongoing sci-fi saga.

Snapchat’s 3D Camera Mode lands exclusively on iPhones with Face ID


Snapchat just added another dimension to photos.
Photo: Snap

Snapchat just added another cool feature to distinguish it from Instagram but you’ll need to have one of the newest iPhones to use it.

A new 3D Camera Mode is rolling out to users today, allowing you to create and share images that have a 3D depth effect as you tilt your display in different directions. It’s the same feature that debuted on the newest version of Snap’s Spectacles, only now you can create them from your iPhone.

Take a look at all the possibilities 3D Camera Mode unlocks:

Man miraculously catches falling iPhone X on roller coaster ride


Rollercoaster iPhone catch 1
What a catch!
Screenshot: sirsammy 15/YouTube

Nothing ruins a day out at a theme park quite like dropping your pricey $1,000 phone while riding a roller coaster.

Unless there’s a guy like Samuel Kempf sitting behind you, that is. Kempf recently shared a video showing how he snatched a dropped iPhone X out of mid-air — all while riding a roller coaster at speeds of 130 kilometers per hour. Check it out.

Feds will retest iPhones for excessive radio-frequency radiation


Your trusty old iPhone 7 might be a rule breaker.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

An independent lab claims that the iPhone 7 emits more radio-frequency radiation that is allowed by the FCC. And the iPhone X skirts the line.

The tests, done at the behest of the Chicago Tribune, have reportedly caused the FCC to examine whether these and other cell phones meet its safety guidelines. That doesn’t make them a cancer risk, though.

Original Macintosh keyboard takes control of iPhone


iPhone X Mac keyboard
And you thought the original Mac monitor was small.
Photo: Napabar/YouTube

iOS 13 makes it possible to use a keyboard and mouse to control your iPad. But one enterprising YouTuber has shown that it’s equally possible to rig up an old-school Macintosh keyboard and mouse to control an iPhone.

Sure, it’s a bit fiddly, but it’s undeniably fun in a geeky kind of way. You can check out the oddball demonstration in the video below.

Team of divers discover working iPhone X at the bottom of a lake


Underwater Hunters
Well, that's $1,000 saved!
Photo: Underwater Hunters

An iPhone survived under water for two days before being discovered by divers in a murky lake in the U.K.

The phone was discovered by a team of professional divers. It belonged to a member of staff at a watersports park in Nottinghamshire. “The screen lit up and he had a missed call from his granddad,” the diver who discovered it said.

Yes, you can unlock the iPhone with a folio cover. Here’s how.


Apple didn't invent the Slide to Unlock gesture.
The gesture that started it all.
Photo: Jared Earle/Flickr

One of the best iPad features is the auto-lock/unlock that is triggered when you open and close its cover. Introduced with the iPad 2, smart unlock was revolutionary, in terms of lazy unlocking at least.

But did you know that the iPhone can do the same? If you have an X-series iPhone, and a compatible cover, you can use the same auto sleep/wake feature that iPad users have enjoyed since the iPad 2.