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Android tanks as iPhone shipments rise, especially in China


iPhone 14 Plus
iPhone is selling well around the world. Android-makers can't say that about their products.
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iPhone shipments increased modestly in the first three months of 2023, according to a market research firm. That’s in stark contrast to Android-makers, most of which experienced double-digit drops.

The trend carried through in China, making Apple the largest smartphone seller in this critical market.

iPhone shipments drop but still top global phone market


iPhone 14 Pro performance whips Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
The iPhone 14 series propelled Apple past Samsung and other Android-makers in Q4 2022.
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Apple was hit with a sharp decline in iPhone shipments in the December quarter, but the news isn’t all bad — it’s once again the world’s largest maker of smartphones by a wider margin than ever before, according to market analysts.

Even better, Apple is pulling in almost half the revenue of the entire global market, and a very large share of the profit.

Today in Apple history: iPhone sales hit first speed bump


iPhone 7
We officially hit "peak iPhone" in 2016.
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January 26: Today in Apple history: iPhone sales hit first speed bump as sales flatline for first time January 26, 2016: After nine years of spectacular growth, iPhone sales flatline for the first time.

Numbers posted by Apple show that during the final three months of 2015, iPhone sales grew by only 0.4%. The crucial holiday season sales compare quite unfavorably with the 46% jump recorded during the same period a year earlier.

iPhone shipments grow as rivals tank


iPhone 14 could be a good upgrade for those coming from iPhone 11 or older (or to go with the big screen of the Plus without shelling out for the Pro Max).
iPhone 14 helped push up Apple handset shipments in Q3.
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iPhone shipments grew in the July-through-September period compared to the same quarter of 2021. The increase was modest, but still put Apple on a different trajectory from other handset makers.

Shipments of iOS devices went up 1.6% while its biggest rivals all dropped, some quite significantly.

iPhone 13 dominates US smartphone shipments


6.1-inch iPhone 13 review
Guess what's the best selling smartphone in America?
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iPhones made up more than half of all smartphones shipped in North America during the second quarter of 2022, according to a market research firm. This marks the third quarter in a row that more than 50% of the handsets shipped in the region came from Apple.

Samsung, the next nearest rival, had less than half as many shipments in Canada, Unites States and Mexico.

iPhone shipments grow while smartphone market shrinks


iPhone 13 Pro
The iPhone 13 sold well in Q2 2022.
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iPhone shipments grew 3.3% year over year during the second quarter of 2022, according to a market-research firm. That’s in contrast to the global smartphone market, which declined 7%.

Apple made up 16% of the total market, its highest second-quarter performance in more than a decade.

iPhone pulls in double the revenue of any rival


iPhone shipments grow while Android tanks
Apple takes in far more revenue from iPhone sales than any Android-maker.
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Everyone knows that Android outsells iPhone, but that’s not the whole picture. Apple takes in a lot more revenue than any rival smartphone-maker. It’s more than double Samsung’s, and no other company gets even that close.

And in the quarter before that, iPhone pulled in more revenue than all its rivals combined.

iPhone shipments grow while Android tanks


iPhone shipments grow while Android tanks
iPhone shipments increased in Q1 2022. Android did not.
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The global market for Android phones shrank considerably in the first quarter of 2022, even as iPhone shipments rose.

Shipments from every major Android maker declined, from Samsung on down. Their combined drops were enough to reduce world smartphone shipments in Q1 by around 10%.

Lightning strikes for Apple again, but storm clouds are on the horizon


Apple warns that supply chain constraints will take a heavy toll in coming months.
Apple warns that supply chain constraints will take a heavy toll in coming months.
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The first three months of 2022 were good to Apple, with revenue setting a quarterly record. But the company warned on Thursday that problems getting components and assembling products will take a nasty chunk out of revenue for the current quarter. The hit will to be between $4 billion and $8 billion.

But there’s also plenty of good news in from the conference call CEO Tim Cook had with investors after Apple’s March quarter results were announced.