iPhone 16

Woah! Is this the new iPhone 16 Pro camera?


A mockup illustrates the latest iPhone 16 Pro camera rumor with a camera module that looks like a tricorne hat.
This mockup illustrates a radical redesign purportedly coming to the iPhone 16 Pro's camera module.
Image: Majin Bu

The latest iPhone 16 Pro camera rumor comes with an image that shows a radically redesigned lens module. It looks like a fidget spinner, or an 18th-century tricorn hat seen from above, and would represent a striking departure from Apple’s current design language.

If the iPhone 16 Pro actually looks like this, it would instantly put to bed perennial complaints that the new iPhone looks just like the old one.

iPhone 16 renders bring latest leaks to life


iPhone 16 renders bring latest leaks to life
This might be a very early image of iPhone 16 in green
Image: Majin Bu

The iPhone 16 camera bump will shrink considerably, according to new CAD renders that supposedly show the future device. The customizable Action button from the iPhone 15 Pro models will appear on entry-level iPhones as well.

In addition, simulated images based on the renders show possible color options for the upcoming handset.

iPhone 16 could get 8GB RAM and Wi-Fi 6E support


iPhone 15 and 15 Plus review: Pro features for less
iPhone 16 could get a much-needed system memory boost.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple could equip its entire 2024 iPhone lineup with 8GB of RAM and Wi-Fi 6E support. Currently, only the iPhone 15 Pro models enjoy these features.

Additionally, the company might exclusively use Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon X75 5G modem on the iPhone 16 Pro. The non-Pro variants would stick to the X70 modem used by current-gen iPhones.

What to expect from iPhone in 2024


What to expect from iPhone in 2024
2024 iPhones could be all about the little improvements.
Image: Rajesh Pandey/Cult Of Mac

Apple plans some big upgrades for the iPhone 16 lineup in 2024. The phones could get even bigger displays, with AI integration helping make Siri smarter (and, hopefully, a lot more useful).

These changes should arrive on top of the usual yearly upgrades like faster A-series chips and brighter displays. So, what should you expect from iPhones in 2024? Read below to find out.

Entire iPhone 16 lineup could feature force-sensitive Action button


Closeup of iPhone 15’s new Action button.
iPhone 16's Action button could benefit from force-detection capabilities.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple reportedly will bring the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action button to the entire iPhone 16 lineup next year. It will seemingly be a capacitive button and pack a lot of additional functionality.

The new rumor indicates the iPhone 16’s Action button will use a force sensor, allowing it to detect changes in pressure.

Leak shows iPhone 16 Pro’s battery with a metal shell


iPhone 16 Pro rendered image
iPhone 16 Pro's battery could use a metal backplate.
Graphic: Rajesh

If leaked images prove correct, Apple will adopt a new design for the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery featuring a metal shell on top. This could help with heat dissipation.

Like current iPhones, the purported iPhone 16 Pro battery has an L-shaped design. However, it has a capacity of 3,355mAh. For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro uses a 3,274mAh capacity cell.

Next year’s standard iPhone won’t get a hand-me-down chip


In a break, Apple may use
In a break, Apple may use "A18" chips in all four iPhone 16 handsets.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Rather than holding over iPhone 15 Pro’s A17 Pro chip for iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, the full upcoming iPhone 16 lineup will carry A18 and A18 Pro chips running on an updated TSMC 3-nanometer production process, according to an analyst.

iPhone 16 could feature a new capacitive Capture Button


iPhone 15 in hand
Apple could also switch to a capacitive Action button with the 2024 iPhones.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple reportedly plans to introduce a new capacitive button on next year’s iPhone 16 lineup. Known as the “Capture Button” internally, the button is currently in the testing phase.

With the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple replaced the mute switch with the Action button. It enables additional functionality that was previously not possible.

Moment beefs up whole lens lineup for growing iPhone cameras


Got an iPhone 13 or newer? The bigger T-Series lenses should suit you.
Got an iPhone 13 or newer? The bigger T-Series lenses should suit you.
Photo: Moment

Moment said Wednesday its whole lineup of popular smartphone cameras lenses is getting bigger and bolder to suit growing handset cameras like iPhone’s, including the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

The new T-Series comprises eight lenses that are new versions of the company’s M-Series, which came out to widespread acclaim in 2017.

2024 iPhone could get 12× telephoto zoom lens


Super telephoto photo of a hawk
Pictures like these, with an incredibly long zoom, might be possible on the next next iPhone.
Photo: Susanne Nilsson/Creative Commons

A new leak outlines how the 2024 iPhone Pro Max might improve upon the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max’s camera. While this year’s model reportedly will introduce a new periscope lens, the iPhone 16 Pro Max could come with an ultra-long telephoto periscope lens capable of 12× optical zoom.

To clarify, today we’re still on the iPhone 14, which features a 3× optical zoom — and the model releasing this fall is rumored to retain the same 3× zoom level, using periscope technology to reduce the camera’s thickness.

The source of Tuesday’s iPhone 16 rumor, Digital Chat Station, previously leaked the iPhone 12 mini display.

‘Periscope’ camera might remain iPhone 16 Pro Max exclusive


Not this type of periscope.
Not this type of periscope.
Photo: US Navy

iPhone 16 Pro buyers reportedly won’t get the “periscope” camera previous rumors suggested. A camera with the new type of high-end lens will be restricted to only the iPhone 16 Pro Max, according to a reliable source of Apple info.

The new hardware actually will arrive with the iPhone 15 Pro Max in 2023. But it supposedly won’t come to the regular-size iPhone Pro in 2024, despite what earlier reports indicated.

The pop-up lens should bring a noticeable jump in image quality while also shrinking the thickness of the iPhone’s notoriously large camera hump.