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Brilliant mod makes iPhone 15 Pro Max match Vision Pro


Caviar's iPhone 15 Pro mod that borrows design elements from the Apple Vision Pro headset
This unusual but gorgeous iPhone 15 Pro mod borrows design elements from the Apple Vision Pro headset.
Photo: Caviar

iPhone 15 Pro Max Vision is a version of Apple’s premier handset modified so it matches the look of the Vision Pro AR headset. It’s from Dubai-based Caviar, and is actually a beautiful option for someone who uses both devices.

But buyers will need deep pockets. The modification adds tremendously to the cost of the iPhone.

And you have to see Caviar’s crazy mod that turns a Samsung S24 Ultra into a Tesla Cybertruck. Both creations are part of Caviar’s Future collection, designed to reflect “the most prominent futuristic hits,” according to the company.

With this thing, your iPhone 15 Pro can go nearly naked


Nomad Magnetic Leather Case Back for iPhone 15 Pro:Pro Max
It's sort of like going halfway from case to caseless.
Photo: Nomad

When I first saw Nomad’s brand-new Magnetic Leather Back for the iPhone 15 Pro series, I thought, what is this, like a thong for iPhone?

Well, it’s what its name describes, a partial case. And it’s for those who wish their handset was naked, but they can’t bring themselves to strip it completely.

Why iPhone 15 Pro Max is better than Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S24 Ultra
The iPhone 15 Pro Max beats the Galaxy S24 Ultra in several key aspects.
Image: Apple/Samsung

Samsung’s 2024 flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, is here to take on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. On paper, Samsung’s newest Galaxy packs superior hardware to the iPhone. But in a true smartphone smackdown — iPhone 15 Pro Max versus Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra — which one would win?

It turns out that a phone is more than just its specs sheet. Below are five reasons why the iPhone 15 Pro Max is better than the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Why I’m going ‘nearly nude’ with my iPhone 15 Pro Max


iPhone 15 Pro Max with no case, held aloft defiantly
iPhone case? I don't need no stinkin' case.
Photo: Lyle Kahney/Cult of Mac

After several months with my iPhone 15 Pro Max, I’m stripping off its case and going “nearly nude.”

Yes, there’s a chance I’ll drop it and incur a hefty repair bill. (If so, AppleCare+ will ease the sting.) But the unbridled joy of the naked iPhone in my hand — and the lurid thrill of leering at its sleek natural titanium finish — make it worth the risk.

Pro Max variant dominates iPhone 15 shipments


iPhone 15 Pro Max
You're not the only one who rocking an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Not by a long shot.
Photo: Apple

The top-of-the line iPhone 15 Pro Max makes up close to half of shipments of the iPhone 15 series, according to a trusted market analyst.

This continues a trend from last year in which Apple’s most expensive model was also its most popular.

New mophie Juice Pack battery case keeps iPhone 15 series going


mophie juice pack for iPhone 15 series
mophie's renewed juice pack keeps iPhone 15 series handsets powered up.
Photo: mophie

Zagg-owned mobile-accessories maker mophie let loose a blast from the past with a fresh twist at CES Monday, rolling out its re-engineered Juice Pack cellphone battery case to keep iPhone 15 series handsets charged anywhere.

And the company, which has made Juice Pack products since the first iPhone launched in 2007, also let everyone know its Qi2 Snap+ Powerstation Mini with Stand won a CES 2024 Innovation Award.

New keyboard case turns iPhone into CrackBerry


Clicks Creator Keyboard for iPhone
If you miss physical buttons and can get used to a much-bigger iPhone, this could be for you.
Photo: Clicks Technology

Clicks Technology unveiled its first product Thursday — Clicks Creator Keyboard. It’s a case that fits around an iPhone, providing a full keyboard with physical buttons that may remind people of BlackBerry’s heyday.

“We use keyboards on our desktops, laptops and tablets every day – so it’s kind of odd that we abandoned physical buttons on the smartphone,” said Michael Fisher, Clicks Technology co-founder and a popular YouTube tech reviewer known as MrMobile.

“Clicks brings the tactility and precision of a physical keyboard to iPhone, so people don’t have to wait until they get back to their desks to create or communicate with the satisfying feedback only real buttons can provide,” he added.

See gorgeous shots from Paris iPhone photo exhibition


“I Remember You,” a two-day photography exhibition highlighting original work shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max, opens in Paris Friday.
Photo: Apple

An iPhone photography exhibition called “I Remember You” debuts Friday in Paris — but here’s your chance to scope out some of the fantastic iPhone 15 Pro Max photos online.

The two-day exhibition at the Salon Corderie showcases work by five esteemed photographers, Apple said Thursday.

iPhone 15 Pro Max costs Apple 8% more to make


iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are the first smartphones to include Thread mesh networking. But why?
The iPhone 15 Pro Max's new camera system is 34% more expensive.
Photo: Apple

A bill of materials (BoM) analysis of the iPhone 15 Pro Max provides insight into the prices of the individual components and how they have changed over the previous year.

Apple is charging $100 more for its flagship iPhone this year. And yet, the device only costs the company an additional $37.7 to manufacture over the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro: 5x telephoto shootout


iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro: 5x zoom comparison
Just how good is the iPhone's new 5x zoom?
Graphics: Rajesh

The iPhone 15 Pro Max utilizes Apple’s most impressive photographic tech yet, but it’s not the first smartphone with a 5x telephoto camera. In the Android world, you will find several phones with 5x to 10x optical zoom.

Only Samsung’s and Google’s devices deliver image quality capable of competing with Apple’s best. Only Google’s Pixel lineup directly competes with the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 5x optical shooter. (Samsung is ahead of the competition with its 10x periscope lens.)

So which 5x zoom is the best? See our side-by-side comparison shots to see how the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 5x tetraprism zoom stacks up against the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

How Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event was shot on iPhone [Updated]


Scary Fast Shot on iPhone video
Apple had a surprise for viewers of its "Scary Fast" event: the camera.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Apple’s “Scary Fast” Mac event focused on the new M3 family of chips, refreshed MacBook Pros and an updated iMac. But Apple uncorked a big surprise at the end by revealing the entire presentation was recorded using an iPhone.

This marks the first time Apple used only one of its handsets to film an entire product-launch event. And the company released a behind-the-scenes video showing exactly how the magic was made.

Full version of Resident Evil Village launches for iPhone 15 Pro and iPad


'Resident Evil Village' on iPhone
You don't need a console to play Resident Evil Village, just an iPhone 15 Pro or a recent high-end or mid-range iPad.
Photo: Capcom

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max owners can start playing the console-quality version of Resident Evil Village. The survival horror game hit the App Store just in time for Halloween.

It can also be played on iPads with high-end processors.

iOS 17.1 fixes weird iPhone 15 Pro screen ‘burn-in’ problem


iPhone 15 screen burn-in isn't really
This isn't screen burn-in. It's an image retention problem that's fixed by iOS 17.1.
Photo: spriteice/Reddit

Anyone with an iPhone 15 Pro should install iOS 17.1 when it launches this week, especially if their new handset seems to be suffering from screen burn-in. Turns out it’s not a hardware problem but the result of a software bug that gets fixed by the upcoming update.

Plus, there are other new features coming in iOS 17.1.

New teardown video zooms in 7,000x on iPhone 15 guts


This borrowed microscope lets the video zoom in thousands of times on iPhone 15 components.
This borrowed microscope lets the video zoom in thousands of times on iPhone 15 components.
Photo: iFixit

iFixit brought in a new toy for its iPhone 15 teardown video Friday — an Olympus DSX1000 digital microscope. That enabled magnification of up to 7,000x on the tiny bits inside Apple’s newest base handset.

Watch the video below and see some shots from it above and below.

iPhone 15 Pro Max isn’t nearly as fragile as you might think


iPhone 15 Pro Max drop test
This titanium corner of an iPhone 15 Pro Max drop test smashed into concrete in a drop test..
Photo: PhoneBuff

An iPhone 15 Pro Max came away severely cracked but still completely functional after a punishing series of drop tests.

Apple’s latest performed almost exactly as well as last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max did on the same tests, despite a recent report that the new model is more fragile than its predecessor.

Some case-makers guessed wrong on iPhone 15 Pro’s Action button


Peak Design put a cutout instead of a button over Apple's new Action button.
Peak Design put a cutout instead of a button over Apple's new Action button.
Photo: Peak Design

The Action button on new iPhone 15 Pro models is throwing some third-party case-makers for a loop, according to a new report Friday.

Preparing to launch new cases in tandem with the new handsets’ release, some companies guessed right on the phones’ designs and some got it wrong.

Enter to win a protective and stylish iPhone 15 bundle from Laut [Cult of Mac giveaway]


Premium iPhone case, that is built to protect and has a great sleek look.
This week's giveaway pairs a premium iPhone case with a screen protector for maximum protection.
Photo: Laut

We teamed up with Laut this week to give three lucky winners a great accessory bundle featuring new products designed to protect the iPhone 15 series.

This bundle includes an iPhone 15 case and a screen protector to ensure all-around protection for your precious new phone. It’s free and easy to enter!

Scalper bots bogart supply of iPhone 15 Pro models


Apparently bot-wielding scalpers profit most from iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Apparently bot-wielding scalpers profit most from iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Photo: Apple

Scalpers appear to use bots to buy up thousands of iPhone 15 models, according to new research. And iPhone 15 Pro Max appears to sit at the top of the list.

The findings point to bots preordering thousands of units as a reason regular buyers face back-orders with long wait times.

Classic Mac-style case gives iPhone 15 Pro military-grade protection


Give your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max a retro look and serious protection.
Give your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max a retro look and serious protection.
Photo: Spigen

If you love the retro look of the colorful old iMac G3 and you want to give your pricey new iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max serious protection, Spigen’s Classic C1 MagFit case has returned with a revamp, the company said Tuesday.

And what’s more, right now you can get a 20% discount on the case. See below.

iPhone 15 Pro Max is and isn’t easy to repair


iPhone 15 Pro Max teardown
Accessing the iPhone 15 Pro Max components is easier. But troubles await.
Photo: iFixit

Apple designed the internal iPhone 15 Pro series to be much easier to work on than previous models, but iFixit did a teardown and found that replacing several broken components is a hassle.

In the end, the latest iOS handset got a fairly low repairablity score from iFixit.

Shield your iPhone 15 with Zagg’s toughest screen protector yet [Cult of Mac giveaway]


Zagg XTR3 screen protector box. Edge to edge protection protecting your screen from any accidental drops.
The XTR3's edge-to-edge protection shields your iPhone screen from damaging drops.
Photo: Zagg

The much-anticipated iPhone 15 is here! If you’re one of the lucky owners, you’ll want to ensure it’s fully protected. In collaboration with Zagg, Cult of Mac is thrilled to present this week’s giveaway, offering three fortunate individuals the opportunity to keep their screens immaculate with the new Glass XTR3 Screen Protector.

It’s Zagg’s toughest screen protector yet!

Best MagSafe cables and chargers for iPhone 15


These are the best MagSafe cables and chargers for iPhone 15.
MagSafe is the best way to charge your new iPhone.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

There’s no better way to charge your new iPhone 15 than with MagSafe. Sure, it might not be the fastest charging method, but it’s certainly the simplest and most convenient. And, let’s face it, plugging in a cable is nowhere near as satisfying as that snap you hear when slapping a MagSafe accessory onto the back of your iPhone.

If you’ll be experiencing MagSafe for the first time with iPhone 15, it’s time to stock up on cables, charging stations and battery packs. Here are the best available right now.

Best USB-C cables and chargers for iPhone 15


These are the best USB-C cables and chargers for iPhone 15.
You can never have too many cables.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

One of the best things about iPhone 15 is arguably its USB-C port, which makes connectivity a whole lot simpler. It means you can finally charge your iPhone with the same cables and chargers you might use for other devices, like iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Nintendo Switch and lots more.

If you don’t own any of those and you need to stock up on USB-C accessories, fear not. We rounded up the best USB-C cables and chargers you can buy right now for iPhone 15.

Best screen protectors for iPhone 15


Best iPhone 15 screen protectors
These are the best screen protectors you can buy right now for iPhone 15.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

If you’re getting a new iPhone, the very first thing you should do right out of the box is slap a screen protector on it. Even though Apple calls the iPhone 15 lineup’s Ceramic Shield glass screens the toughest ever, they can and will shatter when dropped.

Plus, no matter how much you baby your new smartphone, it’s going to rub up against dirt and debris in your pocket or while rolling around in your bag. That can lead to unsightly scratches.

Keep your iPhone 15‘s screen in superb shape with a quality screen protector. Here are the best options you can buy right now.