AT&T boss suggests Apple will share TV viewer data


apple tv
How much data will TV channels receive from Apple?
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One of the big threads running through Apple’s Monday keynote was the company’s insistence on user privacy. Apple would not, it suggests, share data with companies for Apple Card or Apple News+.

The new Apple TV channels, however, could be a little different. At least, according to an interview with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Speaking at the Fintech Ideas Festival, Stephenson included Apple when talking about customer data analytics in HBO’s digital distribution deals. HBO is a division of AT&T’s WarnerMedia.

5 Apple original shows finish filming ahead of March 25 event


Apple TV Siri Remote
But they won't be ready for streaming for a while.
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Five of Apple’s original TV shows have now finished filming, according to a new report. They have entered post-production ahead of the company’s March 25 event, but they’re not expected to be available until the fall.

Apple is said to be working on around six other shows that are still in production. The company is also developing lots more original content that is planned to debut in 2020.

Apple rushes to add HBO and Showtime to streaming service


Apple TV service facing competition
The Apple TV service will reportedly have movies and shows from other big-name companies.
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Apple has created numerous shows for its streaming TV service, but is reportedly also negotiating deals to bring in content from other sources, including HBO and Showtime.

This should help the Apple TV service compete against established rivals, especially Netflix.

Apple’s TV streaming service may launch in April


Apple TV
Apple's TV service will let you subscribe to other channels.
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The long wait for Apple’s TV streaming service might finally be coming to an end.

With a rumored March 25 event on the horizon, Apple is reportedly planning to launch its TV streaming service in April or early May, but some of the biggest names in the streaming won’t be part of the platform.

Apple inks movie deal with Oscar-winning indie studio


mid90s cast
The cast of A24's latest movie, mid90s
Photo: A24

One of the hottest indie movie studios in Hollywood is joining forces with Apple to make a series of movies.

A24, the studio behind the Oscar-winning film Moonlight, has inked a multi-year deal to produce a slate of films, in what is the first major movie deal for Apple.

Apple plans to give away its $1 billion TV shows


Apple TV
Apple is loading up with original content.
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Apple’s new TV streaming service will allegedly debut in early 2019 — and all those original Apple TV shows won’t cost customers anything, according to a recent report.

Despite planning to spend more than $1 billion on original content this year, Apple will supposedly give away its original content to customers that already own an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

AT&T Time Warner jumps on streaming bandwagon


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AT&T wants a piece of the TV streaming market.
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Netflix is about to get some new competition in the streaming wars from the same company that owns one of its biggest rivals, HBO.

AT&T Time Warner revealed today that the company is planning to build and launch a new video streaming service that will offer TV shows, films, libraries, documentaries and animation.

Microsoft plans to take on iPhone with folding dual screen Surface


Microsoft Andromeda
Microsoft's pocketable device might look something like this.
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The iPhone might be about to get some fresh competition from Apple’s oldest rival in the tech scene.

Microsoft has reportedly been working on a mysterious new Surface device codenamed Andromeda. The device has supposedly been in development for the last two years and features a dual-display design that can fold to fit into your pocket.

Apple inks deal for kids’ shows with Sesame Workshop


Sesame Workshop
Apple is going to get its own puppet show.
Photo: Sesame Workshop

Apple is getting its own kids’ TV series with talking puppets.

The iPhone-maker and Sesame Workshop have reportedly inked a deal that will bring a slate of new kids’ programming to the company’s worldwide video project. But don’t expect to see Big Bird and the Sesame Street gang.

J.J. Abrams and Sara Bareilles team up Apple musical dramedy


JJ Abrams
Jony Ive's buddy J.J. Abrams is going to make a TV show for Apple.
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Apple has tapped J.J. Abrams to executive produce its latest straight-to-series order for the half-hour dramedy show called Little Voices.

Abrams’ and Apple have reportedly discussed working together on a number of his projects in the past. This is the first Apple has been able to ink a deal with J.J., but considering his close ties to Jony Ive, we’re surprised it took this long.