Today in Apple history: Apple frenemy Google goes public


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Relations between Apple and Google started strong, but quickly deteriorated.
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August 19: Today in Apple history: With Google IPO, an Apple frenemy goes public August 19, 2004: Google floats its initial public offering on the stock market. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin turn into instant billionaires as the Google IPO cements the company’s status as a tech giant.

Relations between Google and Apple are good at the time, with Steve Jobs serving as a mentor to the company’s two young founders, and Google’s Eric Schmidt soon to join Apple’s board of directors. However, the peace won’t last long.

Apple sued for alleged lack of transparency over iCloud data


Apple isn't completely clear about where your data ends up.
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A class-action lawsuit filed this week takes aim at Apple for storing some iCloud data on third-party servers.

The company is accused of breaching consumer trust to sell iCloud subscriptions. It states iCloud data will be “stored by Apple,” but offloads some of it to Amazon and other companies.

Google’s massive cash pile is now bigger than Apple’s


A group called Google You Owe Us wants $1000 each after Google invaded their privacy
Apple's been spending cash lately while Google's been hoarding it.
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Apple’s decade-long run as the company with the world’s largest cash pile has finally come to an end.

Financial paperwork filed by Apple and Google’s parent company Alphabet revealed that the search engine giant now has $15 billion more in the bank than the iPhone-maker does.

Chrome update brings better Incognito, kills Flash by default


It's now possible to bypass certain paywalls.
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Google Chrome just got a big new update that improves upon two important features.

The version 76 release disables Flash by default to improve browsing performance, while Incognito Mode has been tweaked to prevent websites from detecting it.

The change means that you will now be able to bypass paywalls on some websites.

See Pixel 4’s new Face ID clone in action


Pixel 4
The Pixel 4 will challenge the iPhone later this year.
Photo: Google

Google’s next flagship smartphone will borrow one of the iPhone’s most popular new features when it launches later this year.

Full details of the upcoming Pixel 4 will be revealed this fall. For now, Google seems pretty content to keep spilling out teasers of the new phone. The company already gave a glimpse of the giant new camera on the back. Today we’re getting a look at the new Face ID copy-cat feature and another big surprise.

Check out the teaser:

Apple’s big spend on Intel modems is pocket change in Silicon Valley [Opinion]


Apple just snapped up Intel's modem business for $1 billion.
Apple just snapped up Intel's modem business for $1 billion.
Photo: Mathieu Turle/Unsplash CC

The $1 billion Apple spent on Intel’s modem business is the second-largest acquisition in the company’s 42-year history.

Still, while a huge amount of money by most normal standards, rival tech giants regularly dwarf Apple’s big spend on Intel. For a variety of reasons, Apple just doesn’t roll that way.

U.S. launches huge antitrust investigation into major tech companies


Blind survey
Are Apple and other tech companies too big?
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Stock prices of the major U.S. stock companies all took a tumble in after-hours trading today after the U.S. Justice Department revealed that it is launching a broad antitrust investigation into tech companies.

The department has not said which companies will be investigated specifically but it’s pretty likely that Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook will be swept up in the case.

How to ditch Google and switch to DuckDuckGo


The door mat at DuckDuckGo HQ.
The door mat at DuckDuckGo HQ.
Photo: DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a private search engine. Unlike Google, it doesn’t track your internet use, save your searches, or track your location. DuckDuckGo’s reason for existing is to protect your privacy on the internet, but it’s also a great search engine. And when it doesn’t find the results you want, it’s easy to run that search in Google.

Today we’ll see how to switch all your searches to DuckDuckGo, and how to add a one-tap Google backup search.