Google Maps now suggests where to go, not just how to get there


Google Maps’ new For You tab tries to help you have fun.
Google Maps’ new For You tab tries to help you have fun.
Photo: Google

Google Maps is going beyond just giving driving directions. It’s new “For You” tab provides updates on restaurants, stores, or entire neighborhoods.

This free feature launched for Android over the summer, and begins rolling out to iOS today in dozens of countries.

Google and Amazon plan to copy AirPods in 2019


AirPods rule the roost now, but serious competition is coming.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has a real winner in AirPods. But the company’s slow pace of updating them is reportedly giving competitors a chance to catch up.

A respected analyst says Google and Amazon will have their own versions out next year.

Even brilliant Pixel 3 ads won’t get iPhone users to switch


Pixel 3 ads
Google wants you to laugh as you watch its Pixel 3 ads on YouTube. It also wants you to switch phones.
Screenshot: Google/YouTube

Google and Samsung have smartphones many critics say are as good or better than the latest iPhones.

But making a device to rival Apple’s isn’t the hard part. Getting iPhone users to switch is.

Google acknowledges this in a series of video ads launched this week to convince brand loyalists to switch to its newest and well-reviewed flagship, the Pixel 3.

Google reached peak iPhone in 2012, but Apple won’t be losing sleep


iPhone 5 1
Google results are revealing, but they don't tell everything.
Photo: Apple

Both global and U.S. search interest in the iPhone peaked in September 2012, around the time of the iPhone 5 launch, Google Trends reveals.

The stat is pointed out in a new Bloomberg report, titled, “iPhone Interest Drops Off.” But while we don’t doubt Google’s results, search terms and overall interest are not exactly the same thing.

Apple acquires AI startup with a focus on privacy


Silk Labs
Silk Labs' privacy policy reads like it was written by Tim Cook.
Photo: Silk Labs

Apple has reportedly acquired an artificial intelligence startup that specializes in on-device machine learning software.

Silk Labs’ technology processes data without sending it to the cloud, which is a perfect fit for Apple’s privacy-conscious approach to AI. It’s not clear how much Cupertino paid for the company when the deal was struck earlier this year.

Waze adds podcast controls to brighten up your commute


The Waze Audio Player puts podcast controls right next to your driving directions.
The Waze Audio Player puts podcast controls right next to your driving directions.
Photo: Waze

Long trips and podcasts go well together, and Google’s Waze navigation software just added support for controlling some popular streaming audio services from right within the app.

The goal of the new Waze Audio Player feature is making it less dangerous to adjust what you’re listening to while driving.

Apple joins opposition to Trump transgender policy


Trump wants transgenders to be redefined out of existence.
Photo: Bloomberg

Some of the biggest company’s in the country have come out in open opposition to transgender policy changes proposed by US president Donald Trump.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are among 50 companies that signed a letter condemning Trump’s alleged plans to limit the definition of gender to birth anatomy. The companies — representing over $2.4 trillion in annual revenue — say that what harms transgender people harms their companies.

Hilarious bug gives Pixel 3 XL a second notch


google pixel
Two notches are better than one, right?
Photo: Judner Aura

The monstrous notch on Google’s new Pixel 3 XL phone is getting even worse thanks to a hilarious software bug that is plaguing users.

A small number of users have reported on Twitter and Instagram that their Pixel 3 XL has sprouted a second notch from a software glitch that’s putting another blank space on the right side of the screen.