Apple’s App Store will stay empty of streaming games services for now.
New rules don’t seem intended to bring the Google Stadia cloud gaming service to iPad any time soon.
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Today in Apple history: Apple frenemy Google goes public


Google Apple
Relations between Apple and Google started strong, but quickly deteriorated.
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August 19: Today in Apple history: With Google IPO, an Apple frenemy goes public August 19, 2004: Google floats its initial public offering on the stock market. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin turn into instant billionaires as the Google IPO cements the company’s status as a tech giant.

Relations between Google and Apple are good at the time, with Steve Jobs serving as a mentor to the company’s two young founders, and Google’s Eric Schmidt soon to join Apple’s board of directors. However, the peace won’t last long.

Save $60 on the Google Nest Wi-Fi router 2-pack


Google Nest Wi-Fi router
Don't suffer spotty Wi-Fi connectivity.
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Sick of spotty Wi-Fi connectivity around your home? Fix it with the excellent Google Nest Wi-Fi router. It blankets your home with mesh Wi-Fi coverage, ensuring you get the best connection everywhere.

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A group called Google You Owe Us wants $1000 each after Google invaded their privacy
Google was a big winner on iOS in July.
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Google Maps finds its way to Apple Watch


Google Maps on an Apple Watch
Google Maps fans can now get turn-by-turn directions on their Apple Watch.
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A version of Google Maps for the Apple Watch starts rolling on Monday. The goal of this app is to allow users to navigate by car, bike, public transit or on foot, without having to look at an iPhone.

Also, Google Maps for Apple’s CarPlay Dashboard got some convenient new features today.

Grow your audience by mastering the many facets of digital marketing


Marketing Lifestyle
This massive bundle of lessons will teach you how to connect your brand or products with the widest possible audience.
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Marketing moved online long ago, and every week that goes by, it becomes more fundamental to the ways we buy and sell. Facebook, YouTube, Google and Amazon have become the core of our modern economy. So if you’ve got a product, brand or anything else you want to connect with customers or audiences, you’ve got to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing.

App Store approvals mean major headaches for cloud gaming services


Microsoft Project xCloud on iPhone
Despite a beta test, the Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service isn’t headed for iPhone.
Photo: Microsoft

Google Stadia and Microsoft Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming services aren’t debuting on iPhone or iPad anytime soon. And the holdup isn’t for technical reasons. It’s about Apple’s App Store policy.

These services could bring desktop-level games to Apple mobile devices. But Microsoft’s offering definitely won’t debut in the App Store this autumn, and Google’s isn’t available, either.

How to save a backup of all your Gmail


It’s surprisingly easy to make a copy of everything in your Gmail account.
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There are lots of reasons you might want to make a copy of everything in a Gmail account. Maybe you’re done with Google and are switching to an Apple email account. Or you’re leaving a job or school where you were issued a Gmail account. You don’t want to leave behind years of messages.

Fortunately, it’s easy to back up everything in a Google email account. But it’s not quick. Plan accordingly.

Google One offers free online backups to iPhone users


iPhone and Google One together again for the very first time.
Automatic backups to Google One are coming soon for iPhone users.
Photo: Google

Google on Wednesday committed to a free iOS app that lets iPhone users automatically back up photos, videos, contacts and calendar events. This goes into the 15GB of free storage offered by this company.

This will compete with a service offered by Apple to do the same.