Samsung scraps iPhone support with new Galaxy Watch 4 series


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 drops iPhone support
Android 6.0 or later is required.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 series, introduced alongside its next-generation foldable smartphones on Wednesday, scraps support for iPhone.

The South Korean company’s wearables have been playing nicely with Apple devices since 2017. But with the Galaxy Watch 4, an Android device that supports Google Mobile Services (GMS) is required.

YouTube lets you eliminate ads for less with ‘Premium Lite’ subscription


YouTube Premium Lite
Premium Lite costs just €6.99 a month, but it's tight on benefits.
Photo: YouTube

YouTube has begun piloting a “Premium Lite” subscription that lets you eliminate ads for a more affordable price. The new tier, currently available in some parts of Europe, costs just €6.99 a month. But it doesn’t include background playback or other benefits available with a full Premium plan.

Play god. Drive safe. Flip birds. Search secret. [Awesome Apps of the Week]


Apple Arcade delivers blasts from the past, but there's new stuff in the App Store this week as well.
Apple Arcade delivers updated blasts from the past, but there's totally new stuff in the App Store this week as well.
Image: Cult of Mac

Some classic iOS games got upgraded for their Apple Arcade debuts this week, but that’s just the start of this week’s roundup. A new iOS app gives you the chance to win prizes for not driving like a jerk. And a new Mac app lets you effortlessly declutter your presentations.

Plus, a couple of heavy-hitter apps got updates — one kind of serious from a privacy perspective, and one almost completely frivolous. Are you ready for your app upgrades?

Brave browser bravely takes on Google with privacy-focused search


Brave browser bravely takes on Google with privacy-focused search
Try Brave Search if you’re trying to prevent Google from tracking everything you do online.
Photo: Brave

A public beta of a privacy-preserving search engine from Brave debuted Tuesday. It doesn’t track users, their searches or their clicks.

It is, of course, entering into a David vs. Goliath fight with Google, which dominates the search business with a more than 90% share.

Google ‘quick delete’ erases your last 15 minutes of search history


Google 'quick delete’ erases your last 15 minutes of search history
Hide what you’ve been searching for with Google’s promised “quick delete” option.
Image: Google

Google promises to let users easily delete their recent search history. It’s part of a number of privacy changes announced Tuesday at Google I/O.

The company makes its money from advertising but has had to step up its privacy offerings because of pressure from government regulators and Apple.

Google Stadia makes iPad gaming competitive with top consoles [Review]


Google Stadia on iPad review
With Google Stadia, your iPad can run console-quality games.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Google Stadia could be the answer for anyone who wants to play console-quality games on an iPad. There are many big-name titles to choose from, and players can use off-the-shelf game controllers. This is cloud gaming — everything is played online so the service doesn’t take up space on your iPad.

I spent quite a bit of time playing Stadia games on an Apple tablet. Here’s why I recommend it.


As the world shifts from web browsers to apps, tensions may rise between Apple and Google over search.
Google is a major source of Apple's revenue.
Photo: Solen Feyissa/Unsplash CC