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Enter The Audioengine Premium Speaker Giveaway [Giveaways]


CoM - AESpeaker

Didn’t get those speakers you were looking for under the tree this year?

Well, Cult of Mac Deals may just have you covered. Thanks to our friends over at TuneUp and Audioengine we’re going to select 4 lucky winners to take home a sweet set of Audioengine home speakers that you can connect to any of your iDevices, computers, or televisions to bring premium sound to any room in your home. This is one giveaway that sounds too good to miss out on!

It’s Back! The Omni Group Bundle Giveaway [Giveaways]


CoM - Omni Group

It’s back by popular demand.! You have a chance to win $580 worth of stellar productivity apps from The Omni Group for your Mac thanks to Cult of Mac Deals.

If you’ve been on the lookout for some of the best productivity Mac apps on this planet, Cult of Mac Deals has got you covered. One lucky winner is going to take home 5 of The Omni Group’s top-notch apps that will level up both your home and work life.

The iStack Mac Bundle Is Back! [Deals]


CoM - iStack 2

Black Friday is over – and that means The iStack Mac Bundle won’t be around forever. In this worthy sequel to the original bundle, we’ve got 10 killer apps (and a bonus e-course for the first 3000 buyers) lined up at a massive savings of 93% off the regular price you’d pay for them separately.

That’s right…you’ll get this Cult of Mac Deals offer for only $49!

The Dropbox Pro For Life Giveaway [Giveaway]


CoM - Dropbox

I don’t know what I do without Dropbox. It is an essential part of my digital workflow. Dropbox allows me to have my files wherever I want at anytime I want, and that is something that is pretty much priceless.

If you’re not already using Dropbox, you need to start. But even if you are a Dropbox user like myself and so many others, Cult of Mac Deals has a giveaway that will take your Dropbox experience to a whole new level.

That’s right. We’re offering you a chance to win a Dropbox Pro account for life, valued at $9600!

Put Your Best Business Foot Forward With The Startup Handbook [Freebies]


CoM - Startup Handbook

I’m in the midst of launching my own business, and while I’ve spent a ton of time online and have built up a body of work I still have questions. I have an idea of where to begin, but I haven’t been able to fill in all of the blanks. What I need is not more resources – I can find those scattered all over the Internet – but what I need is one resource where I can look to as a touchstone.

I’ve found it in The Startup Handbook, which is the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer. And it’s free.

Take Your Business To The Next Level With These Labor Day Specials! Celebrate With Some Freebies! [Deals]



Last chance for this great freebie for all you Cult of Mac fans. We have a slick looking WordPress theme designed to show off your new iOS app idea. Simple as that. A premium theme usually $37 now FREE for you for just a short time. So, go check out the theme for yourself and then come back and download it. Why? Because it’s free and I’m sure there is always a project that you can find a great theme for.

Speaking of free, you should definitely enter our iPhone 5 Giveaway. The rumors are heating up for the highly anticipated Apple phone and it sounds like it’s shaping up to be amazing! We’ll drop the cash and wait in line; you, simply make a couple clicks and keep your fingers crossed.

iPhone 5 Giveaway [Giveaway]



You know it’s coming. We know it’s coming. It’s the iPhone 5 (or the new iPhone or whatever) and I think it’s safe to say a lot of us are going to want one. Except we don’t want to wait in line. I certainly don’t. So this is simple. It’s the old “win one before you can get one” or maybe “get one without waiting in line”. Yeah, I’m talking about an iPhone 5 Giveaway and we have it.

Really, do I need to say more?

Image by Ed Yourdon from Flickr.

MacX iPhone Video Converter [Freebie]


MacX iPhone Video Converter

Like movies? Me too. Just watched ParaNorman (fun, cool animation, good for older kids) in the little theater down the block. Anyway, I also like to watch movies on the go, on my iPad for example. I have a good few movies on DVD and when I rip them to my Mac it’s great, just not very portable. I know I’m going to be heading to Comic Cons every month for the rest of the year (Columbus, Austin, then New Orleans) and that means flying. Flying means either I write or I watch movies. Sometimes I do both.

And how am I going to get more movies on my iPad? Well…MacX iPhone Video Converter Freebie

Learn to Code Bundle, GarageBand Freebie, iPhone 5 Giveaway [Deals]


programming bootcamp 640

Let’s say you want to program, oh, everything. Websites, responsive-design websites, iOS games, and iOS apps. Then let’s through in, just for kicks and giggles, Ruby and PS6. Cool?

This is hours and hours of classes. If you take classes the “traditional” way in a classroom, getting through all this will take a while. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for in-person classes (I teach them myself), but I’m also a big fan of self-paced, online courses that let you learn at your pace and on your own terms/time.

This is why I like these bundle deals for courses. Like the Programming Bootcamp we kick off today.

Free iOS App Theme For WordPress [Freebie]



Here’s a great freebie for all you Cult of Mac fans. We have a slick looking WordPress theme designed to show off your new iOS app idea. Simple as that. A premium theme usually $37 now FREE for you for just a short time. So, go check out the theme for yourself and then come back and download it. Why? Because it’s free and I’m sure there is always a project that you can find a great theme for.

Speaking of free, our Retina MacBook Pro Giveaway is also ending soon! Better check that one out ASAP.

Cult of Mac Deals is powered by our partner StackSocial

Breeze Window Manager [Giveaway]



Let’s face it, windows can get out of control. Lost windows off the side of the screen, clutter, window positions… Or this situation, you’re working on a project where you’re taking screenshots or doing a screencast of something. You can’t finish all at once and have to come back to it. Now, how do you think you’ll get the windows back exactly the way they were before?

Oh you can try to do in manually—and wind up pulling out your hair—or you can pick up today’s giveaway Breeze. Usually this is a (well worth it) $8 app, but right now you can grab it for free (which is exactly what I’ll be doing in short order).

If you want to see how it all works before you grab the app, check out the Autumn Apps site and watch the screencast (they had me in the first minute).

Last Day To Enter: Try Found For Mac And Win A New MacBook Pro With Retina Display! [Giveaway]



Found is a lightning-fast search tool for your Mac that can also search across your cloud services like Google Docs, DropBox and Google Drive. It makes searching for files ridiculously easy with it’s gorgeous interface. This entire week we’ve given readers a chance to try out the new free app and win a MacBook Pro with Retina display at the same time. If you haven’t taken Found for a spin yet you should hurry up and get on the ball. Today is the last day of the giveaway, so if you’re dreaming of a new MacBook Pro with Retina display entering your life, hurry up and enter and you just might be our lucky winner.

Here’s How To Enter:

Free Photoshop to HTML eBook [Giveaway]



Well, this is an easy one.

I love writing about giveaways and freebies because there’s no risk, you have nothing to lose, and you just might as well grab it if you’re even remotely interested in thing.

Like today.

It’s a free 130 page ebook on turning Photoshop files into websites/pages. Maybe it’s not up your alley, but I think it’s one of those things that could just be handy to have around. You might learn a tip or trick or be able to work with a designer/developer a little better on your next website project. Regardless it’s just this simple…

Onde Screen Capture for Mac [Giveaway]



Here’s an easy one. At some point or another we all need to take a screenshot. It’s just inevitable. Error message, funny photo, epic DM fail, something…we need to do it. Heck I do it on a near daily basis. Now, do you really think any self-respecting Mac user would just use the default screenshot tools built into OS X?

Nope. We all use something a step up better. Now it’s your turn with today’s freebie!—Free Onde Screen Capture App for Mac – Cult of Mac Deals. Get it while it lasts!

The Ultimate Easter Egg: Omni Group Bundle [Giveaway]


OmniGroup Giveaway

For those that celebrate Easter — and even for those who don’t — Cult of Mac Deals has what we consider “the ultimate Easter egg” for you. It’s a giveaway that will level up your productivity…because we’re offering you a chance to win a bundle that contains all of The Omni Group’s top Mac apps!

This giveaway is valued at $580 — and it’s one that you definitely want to have in your Mac toolbox!

Win $470 Worth Of Mac Software for You and a Friend! Mac Superbundle Giveaway featuring Parallels 7




Update: To spice things up a bit – we’re now going to select TWO winners for this Mac Super Bundle featuring Parallels 7 – ONE for you and ONE for a friend. Check below to see how you and your bestie can WIN!

Note: if you previously entered in the giveaway you will still be eligible to win, but if you want to give your friends a chance to win, be sure to check out the new rules below!


Ready to Supercharge your Mac? How about doing it for FREE?!? Then you may want to check out our latest giveaway below.

Packed full of goodies our Mac SuperBundle is here to take your Mac to the next level. With the Mac Superbundle you can: Run Windows in OS X with Parallels 7, Take Pixel-Perfect Screenshots with Little Snapper, Monitor your Mac at a Glance with iStat Menus 3, Create Powerful HTML5 Designs Easily with Flux 3, Plus Six Other Amazing Apps for Pennies on the Dollar!

We’ve stuffed this package full of awesome-sauce and the savings are oozing out. You’ll get $471 dollars worth of software for only $49! That would be an amazing deal for Parallels 7 alone, but you’ll get so much more.

Want to know about everything you’ll get in the Mac SuperBundle? Head over to Deals.CultofMac for the full scoop and to make your purchase.

Designer/Developer Bundle Giveaway – Win $450 Worth Of Cult Of Mac Video Tutorials!



Update: We have selected a Winner and would like to CONGRATULATE Wayne Rodrigues (@waynerod10)! Way to go Mate!! Please email us at to get your goods.


New Year’s Resolutions come and go, and I’m betting a few of you have promised yourself this year is the year you’re going to learn to build that website or start figuring out how to freshen up that web 1.0 site design you already have. Well, we want to make sure you make good on that 2012 resolution by giving away 3 of our most popular video tutorials valued at over $450!

One lucky winner will receive one of each of the following online video courses:

1. Adobe Illustrator CS5 Course – Create eye-catching Graphics and Images
2. Ruby Programming Tutorial – Build your own future by mastering Ruby on Rails
3. HTML5 Crash Course – Learn to Create Dynamic Websites

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

Win a Free CSS & HTML Course From Cult of Mac [Giveaway]



It’s been a great week for giveaways on Cult of Mac, but we’re not done quite yet. As our last giveaway of the week, we’ll be selecting 2 winners who will receive a free copy of the HTML and CSS for Beginners Course that we’re currently peddling over at If you’ve been wanting to build a website but don’t know how then this is the giveaway you want to win.

This course is a stellar opportunity to learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS you need in order to whip up that creative, high-quality website you’ve been mulling over for years! Two lucky winners will get the $29 course for free and will receive Mark’s HTML and CSS expertise jam-packed into nearly 4 hours of video instruction that includes highlighted lab exercises, so you can apply the very skills taught from the course. For this giveaway we’re going to do things a little differently and give you a few options for entry.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

Cult of Mac is Giving Away 20 Free iPhone ThinSkin Covers Today! [Giveaway]


We’ve been having some great giveaways the past few weeks, but this next one is sure to make all our readers happy. We’re teaming up with ThinSkins today to giveaway 20 free ThinSkins to our readers. ThinSkins are great for protecting your iPhone without the need of adding a bulky case, and they come in over 20 different colors. If you’re not sure what to get your Apple obsessed loved on for Christmas, these make great stocking stuffers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to win this giveaway, hurry up and enter.
Here’s How To Enter: