Free Photoshop to HTML eBook [Giveaway]



Well, this is an easy one.

I love writing about giveaways and freebies because there’s no risk, you have nothing to lose, and you just might as well grab it if you’re even remotely interested in thing.

Like today.

It’s a free 130 page ebook on turning Photoshop files into websites/pages. Maybe it’s not up your alley, but I think it’s one of those things that could just be handy to have around. You might learn a tip or trick or be able to work with a designer/developer a little better on your next website project. Regardless it’s just this simple…

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6 responses to “Free Photoshop to HTML eBook [Giveaway]”

  1. GJNilsen says:

    Download is not working.

  2. Bigbinks says:

    Download isn’t working AND those dicks want your full name, e-mail AND you have to follow or like them on Twitter or Facebook AND you HAVE to tweet about them before you get your hands on the goodies.

  3. Bigbinks says:

    Nothing free about this book… big scam!

  4. Bigbinks says:

    Why does cult of mac think it can screw over their readers?

  5. jessespry says:

    TOTAL CRAP, does not work. But now I have liked them, and tweeted for them. Nice scam.

  6. macxprt says:

    This is not a scam. After “purchasing” the book, click the link at the bottom of the order confirmation to download the license file. This will be a zip file with the PDF and example html/css files.

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