Take Your Business To The Next Level With These Labor Day Specials! Celebrate With Some Freebies! [Deals]



Last chance for this great freebie for all you Cult of Mac fans. We have a slick looking WordPress theme designed to show off your new iOS app idea. Simple as that. A premium theme usually $37 now FREE for you for just a short time. So, go check out the theme for yourself and then come back and download it. Why? Because it’s free and I’m sure there is always a project that you can find a great theme for.

Speaking of free, you should definitely enter our iPhone 5 Giveaway. The rumors are heating up for the highly anticipated Apple phone and it sounds like it’s shaping up to be amazing! We’ll drop the cash and wait in line; you, simply make a couple clicks and keep your fingers crossed.

For those of you who care about running a sustainable business, I highly recommend taking advantage of our Help Scout deal. Customer service is the voice of your company. Sloppy support is easily discernable by your customers and in this day and age, negative reviews are easily accessible. We personally use Help Scout to manage our customer support and we can’t imagine being able to do so effectively without it. At 3 months for $30 you would be silly not to give it a go!

While you are at it, give SEOmoz PRO a go to insure your site traffic isn’t low. Search engine optimization development can be excessively expensive. SEO is a constant race that you definitely don’t want to get left behind in. You need to get your business where people can see it and SEOmoz Pro is the platform to land you that first-rate virtual real estate.

Have a safe and fun Holiday!