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MacX iPhone Video Converter [Freebie]


MacX iPhone Video Converter

Like movies? Me too. Just watched ParaNorman (fun, cool animation, good for older kids) in the little theater down the block. Anyway, I also like to watch movies on the go, on my iPad for example. I have a good few movies on DVD and when I rip them to my Mac it’s great, just not very portable. I know I’m going to be heading to Comic Cons every month for the rest of the year (Columbus, Austin, then New Orleans) and that means flying. Flying means either I write or I watch movies. Sometimes I do both.

And how am I going to get more movies on my iPad? Well…MacX iPhone Video Converter Freebie

It’s pretty simple, really. You have movies you want to put on your iPad that you don’t have in iTunes. So how do you get them from a shiny disc to ones and zeros? How about our freebie MacX?

I just loaded it up myself and I don’t think it could be much simpler. Pick the file, pick the device you want it to be optimized for, click Start. I’m looking forward to loading up a few movies to watch on the plane—even stuff from YouTube!—for my next few trips.


And free.