The Dropbox Pro For Life Giveaway [Giveaway]


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I don’t know what I do without Dropbox. It is an essential part of my digital workflow. Dropbox allows me to have my files wherever I want at anytime I want, and that is something that is pretty much priceless.

If you’re not already using Dropbox, you need to start. But even if you are a Dropbox user like myself and so many others, Cult of Mac Deals has a giveaway that will take your Dropbox experience to a whole new level.

That’s right. We’re offering you a chance to win a Dropbox Pro account for life, valued at $9600!

With Dropbox, you never worry about your digital content again. It’s there – with you – no matter where you are. With this giveaway 1 lucky winner will win a Dropbox Pro plan for the rest of their life…that’s 100GB of storage per year for the next 80 years of your life. Imagine all the stuff you can store…forever.

Dropbox allows you to store, share, and access all of your digital content right from your computer or your mobile device whenever you need it. It’s simple to use, and incredibly effective. As I said, it is an integral part of my digital workflow…so why not make it part of yours? And if you can win a chance to make it part of yours, even better.

How To Enter

  1. Connect with Facebook (button is to the right side of the Deals page)
  2. Share the giveaway with the social buttons. Remember, the more you share the better the chance you’ll have at winning this unbelievable prize.

Head over to the Cult of Mac Deals page now to get started!

  • DannySax

    pretty F** dumb to restrict this competition to facebook users!, not all of us are stalkers on Facebook! seriously, any comp or app that requires you to login with a facebook account is F** Stupid. you are limiting your audience to young stupid people

  • robert_walter

    Facebook? Ain’t gonna happen. I can see how Facebook might subsidize such a giveaway by enticing your readers to sign up and sign in, but really, limiting participation to FB only?

    Also, I hate how your site is practicing unauthorized redirects. This last two times to a site that then redirected me into the iTunes Store and to some stupid app that I would never buy.

    Visiting your site and then ending up with the above or redirects to sexhunter.whatever is irritating to the point of not coming here any more.

    There are plenty of other mac-centric sites that have same info without these shenanigans!

    I fear CoM has overstayed its welcome in my bookmarks bar.

  • vishal

    Somehow I get a feeling that this 100gb free cloud storage offer might sound a bit funny 80 years from now.. or maybe even 8 years from now??