Foursquare wants to be the Uber of food and booze


Foursquare and want to liquor you up.
Photo: Nan Palmero/Flickr CC
Foursquare and want to liquor you up. Photo: Nan Palmero/Flickr CC

It’s not often we hear any major new features coming to Foursquare lately, but the service just announced something pretty huge. It has partnered with to allow users to order food, groceries and even liquor right from the app to get sent straight to their homes.

Best iPhone and iPad apps for frequent travelers


Seven must-have iOS apps for the frequent traveler.
Seven must-have iOS apps for the frequent traveler.
Photo: Ally Kazmucha/The App Factor

app-factor-logo-thumbnailTraveling abroad, especially for the first time, can be overwhelming. From figuring out transit systems to finding places to say, there’s a lot to consider. That’s why over the past several years, I’ve come to rely on a handful of choice apps to help me travel better, smarter, and cheaper.

International or not, these are the travel apps for iPhone and iPad I never leave home without:

The new Foursquare app is less social and more like Yelp


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 2.15.05 PM

Foursquare pioneered the location check-in phenomenon that Facebook and so many others now offer. But the reality is that Foursquare just hasn’t been that popular for quite a while. It put out a flashy new check-in app called Swarm earlier this year, and that failed to catch on.

Now the main Foursquare app has received its most significant overhaul to date. Available today in the App Store, Foursquare 8.0 does away with a lot of the social aspects it had before and instead focuses on finding you just the best places to eat.

Sunlit App Builds Photo Journals Using Dropbox, And Foursquare


sunlit app

Today is turning out to be photo-journal app Friday, with the latest entry in the list from iOS developer Manton Reece. It’s called Sunlit, and it’s a way to put together a journal of your daily meanderings with photos, text and check-ins. And here’s the twist: the free app uses as it’s storage backend, so you can finally get some use for that account you signed up for but never use,

Foursquare For iOS 7 Now Serves Up Real-Time Recommendations




Foursquare released an update for its iOS app today that includes an updated look and feel, as well as a new real-time recommendations feature. Using your iPhone’s location data, the app now serves up recommendations such as what to eat at a restaurant or sales coupons for a store you’re already shopping at. Users can also expect to see recommendations for places of interest throughout the day when visiting new cities.

The feature has been on Android for a month now, but Foursquare plans to roll it out to a small batch of iPhone users today with more added every day. The app also brings back a feature that lets you see what your friends are up to by filtering between nearby and worldwide. The free update is available now in the App Store.

Here are the full release notes:

Extra! Extra! Read All About Me! MyLifePaper Newscasts Your Life [Sponsored Post]



This post is brought to you by INTERDOM, creator of Mylifepaper.

We are constantly reading and watching news reports about other people in the newspapers and on TV. Well that may be interesting, but unless you happen to be a celebrity, politician, newscaster (or bankrobber), there is one person usually missing on the daily news: You. Mylifepaper is a new iPhone / iPad / iPod touch app devoted on every page to reporting news about you. Here is the news….

Antisocial Place-Tagging App Rego Updated To Use Foursquare Database



Remember Rego? It’s the place-saving app whose name means “asshole” in Brazil, and which lets you check-into and remember locations without sharing them.

When the app launched a couple of weeks ago, I moaned,whined and complained endlessly about the lack of a search function for places – you just had to swipe and pinch your way there manually. Now v1.1 is here. And it brings search, accessing the Foursquare database, as well as using Apple Maps search and grabbing places from your contacts.

Roll Your Own Automatic Markdown Journal With IFTTT, Drafts, Instagram And Dropbox [How To]



There are many, many ways to keep a journal using your various iDevices, or paper, or even — if you’re desperate — your Android phone. (Kidding — a sharpie turns the back of any Android handset into the perfect paper-emulation device.) But they tend to be either high on effort — manually writing up everything yourself — or somewhat proprietary, keeping all your info inside an app or service.

But thanks to the ever-amazing internet automating service IFTTT (If This Then That), and some new channels, it’s now possible to roll your own plain-journal, pulling from various sources automatically. And it even includes pictures, which is quite a trick for plain text.

Foursquare Launches Its Second Ever iOS App, Foursquare For Business


Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 11.28.34 AM

Foursquare, everyone’s favorite check-in service, has released a new app today, but it’s not for jokers checking into their local pizza place: it’s for the guys who own that pizza place.

Not so surprisingly, it’s called Foursquare for Business, and it allows you to do all sorts of business-y things to track how engaged your customers are and get the word out.

Apple Considering Partnership With Foursquare For iOS 6 Maps [Report]



Apple is looking to evolve its own Maps app in iOS 6 by potentially partnering with Foursquare to provide local listings, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. Talks between Apple and Foursquare are still in the early “preliminary” stages, according to the report, but Apple is definitely interested in what Foursquare has to offer.

Yelp is already integrated into iOS 6 Maps, and Apple partners with other services to offer more than 100 million business listings. A partnership with Foursquare could help enrich Apple’s location data and even help fix inaccuracies in iOS 6 Maps.

Instagram Updated With Improved Camera Interface, Design Tweaks, Foursquare Buttons, New “Willow” Filter


Same Instagram, fresh coat of paint.

A big Instagram update is now available for Android and iOS devices. The camera interface of the app has been improved with a quick preview of the last picture you took on your device. Now there’s an optional grid guide for taking pictures and a permanent grid to help you with aligning when you’re scaling and cropping. For iPhone 5 users, Instagram has included an “improved Camera Roll image selector for quick access to your last photograph.”

Today’s update also includes a number of speed enhancements, Foursquare buttons, several design tweaks, and a new filter called “Willow.”

Snag My Spot Is Like Instapaper For The Real World



Did you ever find yourself walking down a neighborhood street and coming across a heretofore unknown (to you at least) restaurant? Did you promise yourself that you’d check it out next time you were in the mood for pizza/Indian/sushi/brunch?

And did you totally forget where it was when the time came? Then Snag My Spot is for you.

Are You An Early Adopter? Find Out How Fast You Signed Up To Twitter, Instagram And More


Just how geeky are you?
Just how geeky are you?

Are you an early adopter? So asks Beau Gunderson at Idego, via his Singly-powered nerd-boasting engine. Tap in your details and you will be told just how early you signed up for Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter and Gmail.

And if you were quick enough to get in before you were forced into a username like charliesorrel6969_solastyear, you might even want to grab the little widget to embed into whatever site you choose and show off your alpha-geek status.

Here’s What Happens When You Broadcast Your iPhone Screen Live On The Internet


A screenshot from the iPhone broadcast.
A screenshot from the iPhone live broadcast.

Your iPhone is more than a phone, it’s part of your life. It knows what you’re doing now (putting out fires with your boss? planning for drinks?), where you’re going for lunch and where you wish you were.

Even if you’re an open book — frequent Foursquare check-ins, Instagramming dinner, Spotifying all over the place — you probably wouldn’t broadcast every single thing you do with your iPhone, right?

That’s just what self-dubbed “interface artist” johannes-p-osterhoff will be doing for a year with his iPhone live project: letting the world see his every email, round of Mega run and lunch date on his Apple device. Berlin-based Osterhoff is a techno-provocateur whose previous exploits include pornifying iPad ads, creating a real-life OS X icon house and playing William Tell with iPhones.

He tells Cult of Mac why he’s doing it, what makes his mom worry and how you can reach him to be part of the project.

Apple’s New Maps App Will Boast Yelp Check-Ins Integration [Report]


Yelp check-ins are coming to Apple's new Maps app.
Yelp check-ins are coming to Apple's new Maps app.

Although iOS 6 looks a lot like iOS 5 on the surface, a number of Apple’s built-in apps and services have received some big changes. The biggest overhaul comes to the Maps app, which has done away with Google Maps in favor of Apple’s own 3D mapping service. Another feature you can look forward to in Maps, according to an Apple document sent out to developers, is Yelp check-ins.

FourSquare V5.0 Gets Complete Redesign, Focus On Exploring [Review]


The revamp looks so good, you can almost forgive the continued lack of an iPad app.
The revamp looks so good, you can almost forgive the continued lack of an iPad app.

FourSquare, everybody’s favorite not-owned-by-Facebook check-in service, just got a huge update rendering it prettier, less confusing and much less annoying when blown up for the iPad. There really aren’t many new features – unless you count a complete redesign as a feature.

Banjo Social Network Aggregator Adds Instagram, But Fails To Impress [Review]


Banjo is busy, and shows me rather a lot of strangers
Banjo is busy, and shows me rather a lot of strangers

Banjo is an iPhone app that aggregates pretty much all of your social networks’ data in one place. And a new update has just added Instagram, making it pretty much the most comprehensive option yet. There is a problem, however: While the app itself is dead easy to set up, and even works with iOS 5’s own Twitter integration, it is a complete mess in use.

Fusion Brings Facebook And Foursquare Integration To iOS 5 [Jailbreak]


Now you can post to multiple social networks at once!
Now you can post to multiple social networks at once!

Ever since Apple integrated Twitter into iOS 5, many have been clamoring to also have Facebook integration for posting status updates and photos anywhere in the OS. There was reportedly some drama between Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs over the Ping debacle and iOS 5 integration. The two companies just can’t seem to get along.

Whether Facebook ever makes its way to iOS or not, a new jailbreak tweak brings integration with the social network giant right now. Fusion lets you simultaneously post to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and even MySpace.