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Roll Your Own Automatic Markdown Journal With IFTTT, Drafts, Instagram And Dropbox [How To]



There are many, many ways to keep a journal using your various iDevices, or paper, or even — if you’re desperate — your Android phone. (Kidding — a sharpie turns the back of any Android handset into the perfect paper-emulation device.) But they tend to be either high on effort — manually writing up everything yourself — or somewhat proprietary, keeping all your info inside an app or service.

But thanks to the ever-amazing internet automating service IFTTT (If This Then That), and some new channels, it’s now possible to roll your own plain-journal, pulling from various sources automatically. And it even includes pictures, which is quite a trick for plain text.

Foursquare Launches Its Second Ever iOS App, Foursquare For Business


Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 11.28.34 AM

Foursquare, everyone’s favorite check-in service, has released a new app today, but it’s not for jokers checking into their local pizza place: it’s for the guys who own that pizza place.

Not so surprisingly, it’s called Foursquare for Business, and it allows you to do all sorts of business-y things to track how engaged your customers are and get the word out.

Apple Considering Partnership With Foursquare For iOS 6 Maps [Report]



Apple is looking to evolve its own Maps app in iOS 6 by potentially partnering with Foursquare to provide local listings, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. Talks between Apple and Foursquare are still in the early “preliminary” stages, according to the report, but Apple is definitely interested in what Foursquare has to offer.

Yelp is already integrated into iOS 6 Maps, and Apple partners with other services to offer more than 100 million business listings. A partnership with Foursquare could help enrich Apple’s location data and even help fix inaccuracies in iOS 6 Maps.

Instagram Updated With Improved Camera Interface, Design Tweaks, Foursquare Buttons, New “Willow” Filter


Same Instagram, fresh coat of paint.

A big Instagram update is now available for Android and iOS devices. The camera interface of the app has been improved with a quick preview of the last picture you took on your device. Now there’s an optional grid guide for taking pictures and a permanent grid to help you with aligning when you’re scaling and cropping. For iPhone 5 users, Instagram has included an “improved Camera Roll image selector for quick access to your last photograph.”

Today’s update also includes a number of speed enhancements, Foursquare buttons, several design tweaks, and a new filter called “Willow.”

Snag My Spot Is Like Instapaper For The Real World



Did you ever find yourself walking down a neighborhood street and coming across a heretofore unknown (to you at least) restaurant? Did you promise yourself that you’d check it out next time you were in the mood for pizza/Indian/sushi/brunch?

And did you totally forget where it was when the time came? Then Snag My Spot is for you.

Are You An Early Adopter? Find Out How Fast You Signed Up To Twitter, Instagram And More


Just how geeky are you?
Just how geeky are you?

Are you an early adopter? So asks Beau Gunderson at Idego, via his Singly-powered nerd-boasting engine. Tap in your details and you will be told just how early you signed up for Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter and Gmail.

And if you were quick enough to get in before you were forced into a username like charliesorrel6969_solastyear, you might even want to grab the little widget to embed into whatever site you choose and show off your alpha-geek status.