Path Update Pulls From Instagram, Facebook And Foursquare, But Only For New Users


New users can get a kick-start from their existing social networks


A new update to the private social network app Path brings a curious secret feature: you can now automatically import your Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare updates without doing anything. But there’s a catch: you’ll need to sign up for a new account to do it.

The Next Web reports that new users (or existing users who sign out after updating the app, and then sign up for a new account) are given the option to add these three external accounts to their Path IDs. This is pretty big, as a) starting a Path account with nothing is kind of lame and b) Instagram and Foursquare are pretty high-quality feeds that you just might want to pipe into your more private network.

Facebook (and Twitter too) is a different matter, being full of all kinds of litter you likely don’t need to send elsewhere. Then again, I don’t like Facebook.

Going on the screenshots, this is clearly a well thought-out new feature, and I expect it’ll be coming to existing user accounts soon enough. Until then, you’ll either need to start over, or have a little patience for a change.

Source: The Next Web