Apple’s New Maps App Will Boast Yelp Check-Ins Integration [Report]


Yelp check-ins are coming to Apple's new Maps app.
Yelp check-ins are coming to Apple's new Maps app.

Although iOS 6 looks a lot like iOS 5 on the surface, a number of Apple’s built-in apps and services have received some big changes. The biggest overhaul comes to the Maps app, which has done away with Google Maps in favor of Apple’s own 3D mapping service. Another feature you can look forward to in Maps, according to an Apple document sent out to developers, is Yelp check-ins.

According to Bloomberg, the documents show that the new Maps app will allow users to broadcast their location through Yelp without having to leave the app — which could give similar check-in features from the likes of Facebook and Foursquare something to worry about.

All of these services use the iPhone’s built-in GPS to determine your location and then allow you to share that with your friends. It’s great for making your friends jealous when you’re attending certain events or visiting certain places.

Apple’s developer kit also included screenshots of the Yelp integration within Maps, but the feature cannot be found in Apple’s first iOS 6 beta. It could appear in a later beta ahead of the software’s public debut later this year, or Apple could save this feature for launch — as it did with Siri.

Spokespersons for both Apple and Yelp have refused to comment on the new feature (as you’d expect).

Source: Bloomberg

  • Erevos

    Smells like another Ping fiasco to me. People use foursquare.

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