Are You An Early Adopter? Find Out How Fast You Signed Up To Twitter, Instagram And More


Just how geeky are you?
Just how geeky are you?

Are you an early adopter? So asks Beau Gunderson at Idego, via his Singly-powered nerd-boasting engine. Tap in your details and you will be told just how early you signed up for Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter and Gmail.

And if you were quick enough to get in before you were forced into a username like charliesorrel6969_solastyear, you might even want to grab the little widget to embed into whatever site you choose and show off your alpha-geek status.

The site is slow right now, thanks to the likes of you and me desperately trying to make find out if we’re cool. I authenticated Instagram and found out that I’m in the first 0%, as user 143, which might explain why I managed to snag “Charlie” as a username. This isn’t as cool as I first thought: My comments are filled with morons who just took a photo of their lunch “@Charlie Brown cafe.” Idiots.

So head over and check. And remember, if you don’t like a third=party tool to have read/write access to your accounts, you should probably head to your settings straight after and revoke access – after all, these details are never going to change.

Source: idego

  • PDA

    The”g” is for GitHub. Not Gmail.

  • Brian Burns


  • benandarchie

    I was user 1,118,251 and i was in the first 2% of users for instagram. So theres like 50 million users? :O

  • Ignazio Mottola

    Now that Instagram has more than 80m users, new, specialized photosharing apps will appear. We are a designer and a programmer based in Paris, and we have developed “21off” ( a self produced creativity-sharing iPhone platform. Thanks to its localization features, 21off is a guide for people interested in creativity, as well as a self-promotion tool for creative people.