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Save big on the tiniest drone you can get [Deals]


The SKEYE Pico is the smallest drone you're likely to find, but it's big on fun features.
The SKEYE Pico is the smallest drone you're likely to find, but it's big on fun features.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

That buzzing in your ear might be a mosquito, or it could be a SKEYE Pico Drone (so think twice before swatting it). At roughly the scale of an ice cube, the Pico’s fun-to-size ratio is off the charts, and right now you can get one for just $34.99.

Apple Campus 2 shows major progress in new drone video


Apple Campus 2 flyover by Above Reno
We're finally seeing some visible progress on the new Apple Campus.
Photo: Above Reno (via YouTube)

Just when we thought we were getting bored with Apple Campus 2 flyover videos, one has arisen that shows how cool this building is going to be.

If you do a YouTube search for Apple’s future headquarters in Cupertino, you can follow its progress from a huge hole in the ground to something that looks like it might, one day, possibly be a building. But YouTube user Above Reno went 250 miles out of its usual domain to capture some impressive, 4K footage over Labor Day weekend that shows that things are coming along now.

Check out the gorgeous video below.

New images provide closer look at Apple’s amazing spaceship HQ


A room-sized replica of the Apple campus as it will appear. All photos: KQED

Thanks to the wonder of drones, we’ve had a few airborne glimpses of Apple’s forthcoming Apple 2 campus in Cupertino. Until now, however, ground-level pictures have been in decidedly short supply.

That changed yesterday, when Apple gave reporters from San Francisco news outlet KQED an up-close-and-personal glimpse at its flying saucer-shaped headquarters, which will eventually house up to 15,000 employees.

Along with photos showing the development, the reporters also heard a few environmentally friendly factoids about the campus — such as the fact that it will use recycled water to flush toilets, solar arrays to meet the majority of energy needs, and that the older buildings Apple inherited when it bought the land were broken down and recycled for new building materials.

You can check out the images after the jump: