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Drone vid shows Apple Campus 2’s cool underground auditorium


Apple Campus 2 January 2016 02
Confirmed: Apple Campus 2 will have windows.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield (via YouTube)

A new drone video shows that some of Apple Campus 2’s most impressive features are coming along nicely.

Construction reached the point that builders can start installing windows on both the inside of the giant ring, but that’s not the best thing the camera saw. You can also get a really good look down into Apple’s 1,000-seat, underground auditorium.

Check it out in the video below.

YouTube user Duncan Sinfield shot the footage using DJI’s Inspire 1 drone. Sinfield managed to fly the rig right over the center of the construction site to get the impressive shots of the auditorium. When that area’s completed, it will sit underneath a small hill covered with trees. Those seats aren’t in yet, but you can see the shape of the auditorium and the ridiculous amount of backstage area it’s packing. Builders are also making progress on the round outbuilding that will serve as an entrance.

Wider shots also reveal how the research and development building is coming along (it definitely looks like a building) as well as some possible progress on Apple Campus 2’s outdoor “dining terrace” and its amphitheater.

That’s right: Apple Campus 2 will have both an auditorium and an amphitheater. And we could be wrong about seeing it in the video; that could just be an unrelated hole. It’s hard to tell because all amphitheaters basically look like holes until they’re built — after that, they look like holes with seating.

Via: Apple Insider