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Bag an Apple Watch for under $130 today only


watchOS 4 is great and all, but what's coming in watchOS 5?
Quick! Stock is selling fast.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Woot’s big sales on Apple devices never fail to disappoint. Its latest offers up Apple Watch refurbs, with prices starting at a mere $129.99. The deal is good for today only and stock is selling fast, so claim yours while you can.

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I thought Apple Watch was pointless but now I love it


Apple Watch Series 5 California Face
Apple Watch is much more useful that I had thought.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

I never had an interest in Apple Watch. I didn’t see the point of carrying around yet another computer when my iPhone goes with me everywhere. Then I got one, and now that I’ve used Apple’s wearable, I see all the ways it makes my life easier.

It’s made me an Apple Watch convert. Here’s why.

Apple boosts Apple Watch trade-in values for Heart Month


watchOS 6 new features
Upgrading to the Series 5 just got a bit cheaper.
Photo: Apple

Apple is trying to entice people with an old Apple Watch to upgrade to a newer model with some new trade-in deals.

As part of its promotion for Heart Month, Apple increased the trade-in value for the Apple Watch Series 2 and will give you $100 off the purchase of an Apple Watch Series 5. Other models also received a trade-in value bump, but Apple Watch Series 4 owners might want to hold onto their units for a while longer.

These are the deals you can expect:

Got a new Apple Watch? Now get the best price for your old one


watchOS 5
Avoid selling your old Apple Watch to Apple.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Now that you have your shiny new Apple Watch Series 5, it’s time to make back some of the money you just spent by selling your old model. But don’t take it to the Apple Store.

Apple will offer you just a fraction of what your old Apple Watch is really worth. Make a lot more by selling yours to Cult of Mac instead.

Don’t sell your old Apple Watch to Apple! Cult of Mac pays more


Man’s brand new Apple Watch turns out to be toilet plunger
Man’s brand new Apple Watch turns out to be toilet plunger
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If you’re planning to upgrade to Apple Watch Series 5, you might have thought about selling old model back to Apple. But that’s a terrible idea.

Apple will offer you just a fraction of what your old Apple Watch is really worth. It pays a maximum of $110 for Series 4 units introduced just a year ago, and only $70 for a Series 3.

Make a lot more cash by selling your Watch to Cult of Mac instead. You’ll find your shiny new upgrade ends up being a lot cheaper than you expected.

Your cracked Apple Watch might be eligible for a free repair


Sadly, you won't be covered if your Apple Watch looks like this.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

You may be eligible for a free repair if you have an Apple Watch Series 2 or Series 3 with a cracked display.

Apple has confirmed that cracks may be formed along the rounded edge of an Apple Watch display “under very rare circumstances.” Eligible units will be fixed at no cost to the user.

Save 20% on all Carterjett Apple Watch bands through August 31st


Save 20 percent on Cartjett's lineup of Apple Watch bands through August. Choose from Leather NATO, Nylon NATO and Silicone Tire Tread bands.
Photo: Carterjett

Apple’s Sport band is the basic bro of Apple Watch bands. If you want something a little more rugged — and a lot less forgettable — strap on a Tire Tread Sport band from Carterjett.

These sturdy silicone bands come in brilliant colors, with extra-large sizes and surprisingly small price tags as do the rest of Carterjett’s collection which includes Nylon NATO and Leather NATO bands as well.

Pop in the code SAVE20! at checkout and you’ll save 20 percent on all Cartejett Apple Watch bands through August.

The WiDuo Apple Watch and iPhone charging pad back in stock [Watch Store]


The WiDuo is specifically designed to blend in with Apple's minimally-designed products.
Photo: Wiplabs

For lovers of versatility, and Apple gear, I bring you a two-in-one charging solution for iPhone and Apple Watch. Who doesn’t enjoy a twofer?

The WiDuo by Wiplabs is a beautifully minimalist charging pad that provides up to 20 percent faster charging that many of its wireless competitors. And, it’s cute and sleek to boot. Pop it in a bag or briefcase for on-the-go charging.

The Primus Apple Watch band debuts in bold, Italian leather [Review]


Makers of the popular Crocodilus Apple Watch band, Strapa continues its trend toward quality with its latest release — the Primus. Shown above with Matte Black hardware. 
Photo: Strapa

The company we know as Strapple (a company featured in Cult of Mac’s Watch Store) sounded a bit too much like the maker of Apple Watch. The tiny brand speedily changed its name to Strapa and doubled-down with the release of one of its most striking Apple Watch bands yet — the Primus.

Strapa explains Apple’s (minor) involvement in its sudden name change and site relaunch. During this transition, this company continues to make some of the best leather bands we’ve worn. The Primus Apple Watch Band is the latest in Strapa’s lineup.