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Keep your Apple Watch ready with this keychain charger


Always have a powered-up Apple Watch with this keychain charging tool.
Always have a powered-up Apple Watch with this keychain charging tool.
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Apple Watches seem to get better every year; their only limit appears to be their batteries. If you’re not willing to shell out $799 to get the new Apple Watch Ultra, which boasts up to 60 hours of battery life, you can still get enough juice for multi-day excursions with this Apple Watch-compatible wireless keychain.

This very portable Apple Watch charger is on sale now for just $19.99 (regularly $49).

Grab a 3-in-1 cable to power your Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone


Use one cable to charge your Apple Watch and two Lightning devices.
Why carry three separate cables when one will suffice?
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Carrying a separate Apple Watch charger proves annoying when you travel. Save space in your bag or on your nightstand with this three-in-one Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone charging cable. It comes with two Lightning tips and one Apple Watch charging puck.

Connect it to a power source, and it can charge an Apple Watch, an iPhone and AirPods all at once. And it’s not just convenient. It’s colorful and inexpensive! Get one in gray, blue, white or red for $16.99 each.

This USB-C Apple Watch charger is ultraportable


Check out this compact Apple Watch charger.
Grab an Apple Watch charger that's a match for it in every way, including portability.
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Why spoil your Apple Watch experience with tangly cords? If you want to charge your Apple Watch on the go, don’t cart around a cable. Get this USB-C Portable Apple Watch Charger instead — especially because it only costs $16.99 right now (regularly $29).

Keep iPhone and Apple Watch charged on the go with folding wireless charger


Could this folding iOS-compatible charger be the travel companion you're been looking for.
Get this wireless magnetic charger for your favorite Apple devices.
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If you’re packing a charger for the road, you probably don’t want it to take up too much space, much less carry more than one for your iPhone and Apple Watch. That’s where this Two-in-One Folding Wireless Magnetic Charger comes in handy.

This iPhone, Apple Watch and Qi-compatible charger can power two devices at once, and it folds into a compact square. It looks almost exactly like Apple’s MagSafe Duo charger, which retails for $129.

But you don’t need to pay that much. For a limited time, you can get this wireless folding charger for $69.99 (regularly $114).

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Enter to win a 3-in-1 MagSafe charging station and 200W GaN charger bundle [Cult of Mac giveaway]


Ugreen 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station giveaway: Declutter your space, while charging all devices simultaneously.
Declutter your space, while charging three devices simultaneously.
Photo: Ugreen

Anyone with multiple devices knows the chore of tangled wires. Maybe it’s time to change that. This week we are teaming up with Ugreen to give two lucky winners a shot at winning a sleek 3-in-1 MagSafe Wireless Charging Station, retailing at $159.99, plus a six-port Nexode 200W USB-C Desktop Charger priced at $199.99.

Enter below for your chance to win one of these powerful bundles.

Belkin revamps 3-in-1 charging stand with faster Apple Watch charges


This MagSafe charger from Belkin might be the coolest iPhone 12 accessory.
Belkin's iPhone/Apple Watch/AirPods charging stand just got better.
Photo: Belkin

An improved version of the Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand supports fast charging Apple Watch Series 7 – up to 33% faster than Series 6.

And the stand still charges MagSafe iPhones at up to 15 watts. And it provides 5 watts to AirPods wireless charging cases.

Combo cable charges Apple Watch and 3 more devices at once


This 4-port charger is great 4 travelers.
If you own more than one smart device, check out this four-way cable with Apple Watch, Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB connections.
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Imagine you’re having an incredible time traveling abroad. After a night in yet another lovely hotel, you grab your iPhone, put on your Apple Watch, throw your iPad into a bag, and you’re off.

But if you forget even one of the chargers or cables for those devices, the rest of your trip will be wildly inconvenient (at least until you make it to an overpriced travel store). So streamline while you can. Carry one powerful charger for all your devices. Then get a 4-in-1 cable to connect them all to it.

Plus, get that four-way cable while it’s on sale for $17.99 (regularly $34), and you can spend your savings on a couple of chocolate croissants and some fine European coffee.

Triple-threat charging station folds flat for travel


This 3-in-1 wireless charger powers up all Apple devices.
This compact charger can handle iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.
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Why settle for a boring charging stand that is so big it becomes a permanent fixture on your desk or nightstand? This fast, space-saving charging station looks like something out Tron. It juices up three Apple devices at once, and folds flat so you can take it on the road easily.

The Charge & Fold 3-in-1 Docking Station will charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. And while similar multi-device chargers can cost a fortune, this one’s on sale for just $35.99 (regularly $119).

Charge your Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone with this 3-in-1 cable


Give this 3-in-1 Apple charger a tri.
Three heads are better than one with this Apple Watch charging cable.
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If you’re on the move, you likely don’t want to carry a different charger for every device. If you want to spare some outlet space and cut down on cords you’re carrying, try out this 3-in-1 Apple Watch, AirPods and iPhone charging cable.

It comes with two Lightning tips and a magnetic puck for charging your Apple Watch. Connect it to a high-quality power source (like this 65W GaN charger from Ugreen), and you can juice up three devices at once.

Sound convenient? Now’s the time to pick up one or two of these hassle-busting cables. They are on sale now for just $24.99 (regularly $34).

Win a multi-device charger with built-in MagSafe battery pack [Cult of Mac giveaway]


Pitaka MagEz Slider with MagEZ Battery Pack
The MagEZ Slider charger includes a magnetic battery pack for charging on the road.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

This week’s Cult of Mac giveaway is a sleek multi-device wireless charger that includes a removable battery pack for juicing on the go.

Worth $130, the MagEZ Slider from Pitaka is great way to charge your iPhone and AirPods on your desk or nightstand. But better yet, the charger has an integrated battery pack that attaches magnetically to your iPhone to continue charging away from home.

“The MagEZ Slider is hands down the best charging apparatus I’ve ever used!” said one satisfied customer on Pitaka’s website. And we’re giving away three of them.