4-in-1 cable charges all your Apple devices at once (and it's nearly half-off)

This cable charges all your Apple devices at once — and it’s nearly half price


This 4-in-1 Multi-Port & Apple Watch Charger is now 48% off.
This 4-in-1 cable is perfect for Apple fans.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you own more devices than you can count, this charging cable will change your life. Retail stores can charge anywhere from $15 to $50 for a single charging cord. If you’re tired picking and choosing which devices to charge first, grab a 4-in-1 Multi-Port and Apple Watch Charging Cable.

It’s 48% off, and it will simplify your charging life. For only $17.99, you can charge any phone, any Apple Watch, headphones, electronic reading devices and much more. Not individually, but all at once. All of your devices can finally get up to 100% charged before your day begins.

No more picking what to charge first

The Apple Watch Series 7 is timeless, but charging cables alone can cost anywhere up to $59. If you know someone who has an Apple Watch, this multipurpose cord will make a thoughtful gift.

Due to the Apple Watch’s unique charging demands, many users struggle to keep their wearables charged alongside their iPhones, headphones and other gear. But this 4-in-1 cable solves that problem.

Charge your devices wherever you go

Your house may have many outlets to charge devices, but most vehicles only have a few. If you’ve ever argued over who gets to charge their phone in the car, consider this cable a bringer of peace. In addition to the Apple Watch charging puck, this cable packs Lightning, USB-C and micro-USB connectors — meaning virtually every device is covered.

Save big on this multi-device charging cable

Normally $34, you can grab this 4-in-1 Multi-Port and Apple Watch Charging Cable for just $17.99 for a limited time in either black or white. It’s a thoughtful purchase for the Apple fan who wants to take control of their charging life.

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